Major League Baseball


Shortest World Series game by time since 1992!


'cause it was so hot, I’m thinking! They all wanted to get back to some A.C.


103 degrees at game time. I’d die in 5 minutes.


Heart-breaking loss last night! (depending on who you’re rooting for, that is) The Series moves to Texas!


We are looking at gorgeous weather this weekend for the next two games.


And if it’s not, the Astros can always close the roof. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah yes, let’s never forget the Astrodome and synthetic grass which seemed to create a new sport altogether. :slight_smile:

A trivia test: What was the name of the team and where did it play prior to the Astrodome? No fair looking it up. :slight_smile:


A new MLB record was set with extra-inning homers, according to the official website.

It’s rare to see a record broken in baseball because it’s been around for so long with so many games per season.


I had just assumed it was an expansion team.


Colt 45’s, though I do not know where they played before. The stadium was built by Judge Roy Hofeinz, along with the amusement park across the highway. I have a lot of fond memories of those times. It breaks my hear that it closed.

Here is a bit of trivia. One of the rides from that park is still a few blocks from me, sunk into fifty feet of water. It’s pretty cool.

I love the original logo.


Those last few innings! C’mon Astros!


Breaking news - Joe Girardi is out as Yankees manager!


I think it was just Colt Stadium. Their expansion year was 1962. Same year as the Mets. Their first series was with the Cubs, sweeping them with left-handed pitching and tall grass.

I painfully listened to the games on radio. It seemed that quite a few players were collapsing because of the humidity. Thus they went to an A/C ballpark.

Interesting you mention amusement parks. Chicago had a Riverview not too far from Wrigley Field but that closed in the late 60’s.


@pnewton, why did they sink the ride into 50 feet of water?


Scuba diving, in an artificial lake for that purpose.


I know this wasn’t directed at me but you took our P coach! :slight_smile:


That surprised me after the comeback vs the Indians. Most people thought the Bankies were a year away. Had they not comeback after his game 2 debacle in Cleveland, I wouldn’t have been surprised. But he then took them to game 7 of the ALCS vs an Astros team that won 101 regular season games. But I can’t believe I’m sitting here defending Joe Giraladi because I’m no Yankee fan! :slight_smile:


Yeah, not sure what their thought process was. Perhaps they felt new blood was needed, or he had lost the respect of the players, or he made at least one bad managerial call during the Astros series (not challenging a controversial call, if I remember).


Is he very good?


Well he coached one of the best staffs in baseball that produced 3 pitchers with 17 or more wins this year, Corey Kluber, Carlos Carrasco and Trevor Bauer. And another starter, Mike Clevinger, whose ERA was 1.13 in his final 6 regular season starts. And coached one of the best pens in all of baseball with the likes of Andrew Miller and Cody Allen. And having studied under Terry Francona couldn’t have hurt.

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