Major Storm hits

Thursday July 24th 2012 a Tropical Storm was predicted to hit Southern CT. In particular Fairfield and New-Haven countys.

What is now believed to have happened is this was a Tornado and not a Hurricane.Researchers are in the area as I type and will know for sure today Fri 25th.

Fairfield county and the area this hit would indicate a Tornado. As I was in New-Haven county when the storm hit as predicted. Yet we were basically hit with a Tropical Storm fast, hard and then over. What happened downtowm Bpt CT sounds very different. As those who witnessed this storm claim the sky turned into a FUNNEL. And that in turn destroyed everything in its path. As on witness described “Trees were falling like DOMINO’s”

Heres a few eye-witness statements. I was very surprized to hear just how bad Bridgeport in particular was hit.

What I find most interesting is the area hit. While the news states this a poverty stricken area? I could tell you this about the area. Its an area of constant concern. This is “the” area where Drugs, Crime, Prostitution and a negative lifestyle in general prevails? Don’t get me wrong there are “good” Christians here also as everywhere. Yet this remains a very violent area loaded with negativity and has for as long as I can remember. KInd of makes you wonder? Coincidence? Personally I don’t believe in it.

God uses natural phenomena to chastise the wicked and unrepentant.

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