Major Study Finds Masks Don’t Reduce COVID-19 Infection Rates

Do you know what kind of mask they use in the Philippines?

Reread my reply where I explained how they’re not that different.

“I only wear my masks for a few minutes daily, when I’m interacting closely with other people. I wash regularly but not daily.“

That’s probably ok…not ideal but I remember from long ago at the lab, the total hours for a disposable was three hours or after three days if less than three total hours. This was general recommendations from pre Covid but it’s still a sensible recommendation.

The people most exposed to COVID on a consistent basis are healthcare workers. LA county has been tracking infections among healthcare workers in the county and have had about 18,000 infections out of a total of 350,000 infected total since the pandemic began. That is a 5.1% infection rate of healthcare workers in proportion to the total number of infected in LA county.

CDC estimates nationwide there are 18 million healthcare workers. If we assume healthcare workers are proportionally distributed 18 m / 330 m = 5.4% approximate of total population.

So the infection rate of healthcare workers is somewhat proportional to their assumed percentage of population in the county.

If masks are ineffective as some claim you would expect the people most frequently exposed to have out of proportion infection rates.

There were some studies earlier this year that indicated 15% of healthcare workers worldwide had been infected. However early PPE shortage and less stringent health facility construction standards in other countries can partially account for that high infection rate.

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My point in posting is that citing this study to prove that “masks don’t work” is disingenuous - even the people who wrote the study say that’s not what the study is saying. A link to the actual study is linked in the article.

Why did you feel the need to change my premise from mandated masks being used in society to
“masks in general”?

Cathoholic . . .

You can’t make broad-based recomendations and conclusions based upon one study.

LeafByNiggle . . .

No one is doing that.

That’s right LeafByNiggle. It’s worse.

People are making mandated mask recomendations based upon NO STUDIES.

Cathoholic . . .

The reduction you see is in “rates”.

LeafByNiggle (implicitly ASSUMING there is only upside) . . .

Which is still better than not reducing infection rates.

How do you know??
Where are not just the benefits but the RISKS taken into consideration?

Frankly I can’t think of one post from you where you have ever talked about the risks.
Why not? I talk about the benefits of mask wearing.

I know there is good AND bad and ALL things need to be considered.
I’m am fully open to looking at risks AND benefits.

Where have you done that Leaf? Can you link me to a couple?

OK, change it to “That does not mean that masks used in society don’t reduce covid infection rates.” Better?

The CDC is making recommendations based upon years of knowledge. Just because they have not offer Cathoholic a graduate level class in epidemiology and virology so that he can understand that knowledge as well as the experts, that does not mean our public health experts do no have that knowledge.

Because the CDC says so. I trust them.

Cathoholic . . .

People are making mandated mask recomendations based upon NO STUDIES.

LeafByNiggle . . .

The CDC is making recommendations based upon years of knowledge.

Really. I thought corona virus has only been around 1 year.

And if you think there is cross-application with other viruses, let me know how last year’s MANDATED societal masking policies went against influenza.

Of course there wasn’t any. (The above was a rhetorical statement).

There are no “years” of experience that the cdc has with mandatory masking of society.

LeafByNiggle pivoting away from the fact he has roundly ignored risk-benefit discussions and the reason given . . . .

Because the CDC says so. I trust them.

Well Leaf. The cdc has “said so” regarding a false sense of security, and incorrect usage and incorre t wearing too.

And I still have not seen you discuss thos points from the cdc.

To everybody else.

This MANDATED shenanigans is about power.
This is not about public health, at least yet.

It can’t be, because they are going without anything backing them up for such widespread draconian measures.

Maybe it will turn out great. And I will be the first to applaud it.

But right now, there is nothing but conjecture from the scientific community and superstition from SOME (not all) of the lay people, especially in the media.

(Funny thing is, the Democrats [by their actions] many times don’t believe in this stuff either. But that doesn’t stop them from telling you they do.

See here, here, and here

And the medical community has missed on conjecture in the past.

This is about power as an end. At least that’s my opinion.

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Philippines mainly uses those cheap disposable masks. The Far East countries (japan, vietnam, south korea, taiwan) have done a good job of controlling covid. Masks reduce viral load on other people. If you inhale a million virus particles or a thousand virus particles, you may get sick in both cases, but you are more likely to suffer more severe symptoms if you inhale more.


If WHO, CDC and Fauci want us to wear masks now, they screwed up badly when they told us not to in March.
They might be more believable now if they would admit that.


I swear off expert and get all my truths from opinion pieces what do experts know I am the internet expert. The Government wouldn’t tell use how to prevent or slow the virus. My source says its a hoax The internet has all the answers experts are no longer required. How dare they make any mistakes and tell me what to do.

I believe the opposite.

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I’ve been wearing a mask since right after lockdown in mid March. The fatalities in New York and the understanding of community spread were just happening.

PPE was very limited. There weren’t enough masks available for hospitals. My county had drives for people to donate unused masks so they could be used in the hospitals. Nurses in some hospitals were forced to use garbage bags as PPE.

Fauci didn’t want everyone to go and buy masks that were in limited supply.

I know I couldn’t find any for a long time. I couldn’t even get bandanas they were on back order. My husband had a few thankfully.

But there were tutorials for homemade masks. I remember my sister made some masks from old t shirts. I used a scarf a few times I went out.

I’m convinced that the spread in nursing homes was partially due to lack of PPE. They just didn’t have the supplies necessary because they weren’t available.


weird, my source gets a different view but uses the same data source (John Hopkins). It doesn’t dispute your comment on masks.

I am sure you are right.

That’s what masks are all about . . . attenuation. Tapering. Mitigation.

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Same data source but different metric. I had posted cumulative totalized cases and the one you used is new daily cases (7 day avg)

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