Majority of Minneapolis City Council announces support for dismantling police

OK then what? Who is going to take care of the crime in their neighborhoods?


Minneapolis would not be the first city to do this. In other instances the law enforcement function was assumed by another agency. Sheriff? State police? I very much doubt that ANYONE wants to have no police protection.

Whatever happened to the trust certain posters had for government to keep order over neighbors with guns?

Here’s an out there allegation. Mind you, allegation only. Actually a wild guess is more like it. Here goes: we all know that cities across the country have fallen well short of what they need to collect in sales tax revenues hence their services and pensions are imperiled. Now this movement to eradicate police departments. Now my speculation: They just found a way to transfer the cost of police protection out of their budgets onto whatever other mechanism that takes it on. For which they won’t be responsible for supplying its budget. And which will be deeply constrained in what it can do to protect incorrect people and businesses. In any case, they just freed up a huge chunk of change for fresh pillaging. While them that want the police protection will now have to pay a protection racket fee in addition to their taxes to get it. Like what the mafia used to collect. Only worse because there is no alternative this time. What’s next? Take on the voter rolls and declare everyone not Democrat is now ineligible for protection?

This will not end well.


I’ve heard this is just a way to bust the police union. Not that there will be no law enforcement.

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Fine by me.

  1. Do not expect any outside entity to restore order or provide bailout money when this inevitably fails.
  2. Do not come to my community and expect your criminal behavior to be tolerated the way it will be in Minneapolis.
  3. Do not complain when businesses decide to evacuate the area.

Seeing as BLM has started forming their own armed gangs, things are going to get interesting.


I agree. This would be insane. Would everyone be responsible for their own self-defense? People complain that arming citizens would turn us into the Wild West, but I live in Chicago, and the Wild West would be like a retirement community compared to this if they tried it in Chicago. We could become like that Star Trek episode “Piece of the Action” where Kirk, Spock, and McCoy beam down to the planet that models itself on 1920s Chicago where everyone is walking around with a machine gun.


Would this be replaced by privatizing police functions, much like some prisons have been privatized? This could make it worse for civil rights.

They’ll find out the hard way what happens when you get rid of the police.

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What do you think happens?

As other posters have noted, other cities have done this and those areas are still policed.

So it’s not actually getting rid of the police.

The instances in this thread are examples of union-busting.


So it’s not actually getting rid of the police.

The instances in this thread are examples of union-busting.

Yeah, of course it isn’t. It’s just a way for local government in the city to benefit from the protests while also appeasing the demonstrators with “reforms” they don’t understand.


So, Compton just outsources their law enforcement to LA? That’s “defunding the police”?
What do the protestors think “defund the police” means?

So, if there is a family disturbance call, a social worker shows up. Interesting. I guess women that refuse to leave a dangerous and abusive man might want to reconsider that decision.


The City of Camden NJ disbanded the city police force years ago. It was replaced by the Camden County Police. As far as i know, control of the police went from the city officials to the county (i presume funding as well). I don’t know that know that the “county” police actually police anywhere except the city.

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If you listen carefully you can hear the residents of Minneapolis running to buy handguns…


What kept the city police from joining the county police and continuing business as usual?

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Talk about dense. MPLS Council President Bender was quoted as saying fear of break-in’s come from a place of privilege. Like the law abiding poor of all races don’t feel that fear either?

I can grant there are some ideas to be explored. For example, decriminalizing drugs is an idea that’s been around a long time as a way of defanging the gangs. But overall this doesn’t seem well thought out and there is very little there to assuage the concerns of the law abiding residents. I’ve worked in poor neighborhoods in both MPLS and St Paul; I rented a room in one of these while I was working there and I should think they’re entitled to protection too. They would want to know what’s going to be done about gangs, drugs, car break-ins, etc., in their neighborhoods.

Other posters have mentioned examples of cities that stopped funding their own police departments, but transferred the functions to the county. But in MPLS there doesn’t appear to be any talk about that.


Probably a matter of organizational size. Likely the City government is larger than that of the county. There is always a tendency when policing is handed over to another entity, to underfund it.

This above.

Camden has actually worked out well.

Police may be contracted out or, the police department may be built from scratch.

Along with the riots and before (and still) coronavirus, there are just so many costs. How is all of this going to be paid for?

But Camden apparently has worked out well.

Nothing that i am aware of.

Presumably the county control but i dont know details beyond what i shared.

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