Make them comfortable: (How to kill (euthanize the eldery) in our culture of death

I like many believed our great two nations, Canada and the USA were the best in the world…or at least that what they say…but are ‘they’ lying to us?

The POPE, John Paul II repeated called this, our culture, a culture of death.

Well there may be more truth to this than we want to believe.

I say this from two experiences.

  1. Salvatore Bosco. An elderly man, served fighting against the Commuists at the Russian Front (for Italy) improsed in Albania in a prisoner of war concentration camp, walked all the way back to Italy after the war. 88 years old.

Hospitalized three years ago. Some of the staff wanted to confine him to an elderly home, saying his condition had not improved and he could not look after himself. The housing staff were not aware that the night before he suffered a serious blood loss from too much blood thinner. Of course his condition did not improve it worsened. The staff the next day did not know this, nor care. Seemed they wanted him in ‘senior care’ alot of money to be made there. Mr. Bosco wanted to go home to his own place.

Well this year Mr. Bosco was admitted again, and due to complications, was readmitted to the ICU suffering from lung problems, he had lung infections and swallowed some food.

The doctor in the ICU warned us that he could refuse to resusitate him if he wanted to but would not. When I told him that some of his staff did not know what they were doing, I guess he played the power cared. He told us that he was going to deny resustitation if required. (What can you do…)

The next day, some staff placed a purple plastic bracelet on his arm, that meant do not resusitate. Problem is that some staff believe this to be, let him die. Some staff were overhead saying 'don’t waste your time, he has a band on…"

Mr. Bosco was quite healthy, one morning a doctor came in and said so. He left, and then came back saying, 'something does not make sence…you are here (early morning) yet I see in his file there is a do not resusitate order…"

This was fbefore the head doctor in the ICU has suggested he would place an order to not resusitate on Mr. Bosco.

So why was this happening…? Confusion ? Chaos by the devil…?

But I wanted to bring to your attention this observation.

Problem at this hospital was that due to a doctor shortage they flew in doctors from out of town, and Mr. Bosco was seeing a different doctor every day. Inconsistency is a major problem.

But I observed the following. By reducing or eliminating water pills to Mr. Bosco, he would have problems breathing. Now rather than increasing his water pills, some doctors gave him Morphine to be more comfortable…well that did not address the cause of his breathing problems and ultimately the patient would drown…and so it did.

Case 2.

This involves my mother, and shows to me how morphine can be used to terminate the lives of people.

Here is the link to the details in summary.

  1. Mrs. Squitti was given a dose of morphine and valium, that was unauthorized. She went into a coma for some 4 weeks. A specialist lied to us about her conditon saying that she was basically dead.

The nurse in question tried to cover up the injection, lying to us that a doctor had prescribed the morphine. Commications to the doctor were withheld and tests to find the morphine not taken. Very suspicisious.

This may have been in retaliation for an incident two years earlier where POLICE were called due to the abuse of Mrs. Squitti in a hospital. Mrs. Squitti was roughed up and sustained a cracked rib. The investigation went no where, photo’s lost by the POLICE department, and the report was a total fabrication of coverup. One of the staff memebers was dating a local provincial or state police officer.

We filed complaints with the provincial medial association, and it was a kangaroo court. In fact Canada’s largest newspaper, Toronto Star, contacted me, did their own investigation and found that the College of Physicians and Suregons, the regulatory board puts over 95% of complaints under the rug,

Problem is here in Canada our publically funded health care system is merely publically funded with most doctors self employed, so that the more problems the more money they make…the govenrment does not care to make the system more efficient and effective, not to mention life does not mean much…

Here in Canada our publically funded health care system funds abortions, yet some required medical tests must be paid by us through out of pocket…

Here is the link and here is

If we live in a culture of death…my observations substantiate this…hospitals can be quite dangerous…if you die…well i guess you were sick, and sick people die…or should that be, it depends how sick you were…

That is very sad, and I’m sorry that this happened to your mother :frowning:
I live in Canada too… I see what you mean about healthcare here.

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