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What do you guys think Angels truly are? so many individuals in past times have claimed to have ssen them having wings and shining light. I often wonder if the Angels are a super created race–all scientificaly speaking, beyond man’s knowledge and understanding at the time being. Sound weird? But I mean, God seems to create things to work a certain way, like us and the universe. Perhaps Angels are created likewise. Otherwise what in the world are they?

Know what I saying anyone?


They are spiritual beings.


I know, but what does that mean? Surely they must have entity, right? I mean they can’t be as God, a true Divine “magic,” having no beginning or end. Do they not have substance? How dlo they roam around Heaven, or “stand” before God?

Just curious.


God is an Eternal Being – existing beyond time & space. Angels are not. They have a beginning just as our souls have a beginning and just like our souls, they are immortal – meaning that they will exist forever.That explains the time difference between God and angels.

With regards to space … imagine a football field and two people taking pictures – one of them with a zoomed in fixed lense while another person with a zoom-in and zoom-out lense (assume the same zoom level for each). Sitting on the side and watching a game, a person with the zoomed-in lense can immediately take a picture of any part of the field. They can instantly be anywhere but only in one place at a time while the person with the zoom-in and zoom-out lense can also instantly be anywhere but can also take in the entire field all at once or portions of a field all at once.

That would be like comparing Angels to God with regards to the space aspect.

These are not meant to be PERFECT examples nor ALL-INCLUSIVE examples but hopefully they illustrate the point.


Read C.S. Lewis’ trilogy. It’ll give you something to think about too.

Out of the Silent Planet
That Hideous Strength


“Pure spirit”, methinks, is a good description.


I did, Perelandra is one of my favorite books.


So what is strictly “spirit?” Ha, I guess I’ve always pictured Angels as beautiful human-like looking beings having wings, possessing incredible powers and abilities given by God, instead of some force of light, which is also physical–waves and particles.:smiley:


Spiritual is something which can not be detected by any of our five senses or any type of machine – even those that have yet to be invented … thus, EXCLUDING Light, waves, photons, particles, etc.

If they should APPEAR as a physical light, it is merely for our benefit.


All interestings points in this thread, but I also have to ask, what exactly IS “spiritual” then? If it can’t be seen? I can understand this for God, but Angels? This blows my mind :slight_smile:

I mean if they’re created beings they have to look like something, right? Does not God’s creation work as to an order?


Just imagine though, if Angels could be explained somehow, perhaps God gave us the proper tools, technology and understanding–scientifically, that could explain the design of His Angels, which would be so mind blowingly complex. This is quite interesting hehe.


Spirit is a spiritual substance not composed of matter. Like God, angels have no parts. Like humans, they are finite. You might think of them as minds without bodies. Very powerful minds, and wills. (Human souls are also spirit, so we have something in common.)


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