makeup purge

Hi :slight_smile:

A while back I posted something about makeup-how it’s a crutch and so on

I have tried to wear less, but whenever I started to, my skin became uneven?! God has a sick sense of humour lol…

I technically don’t look caked in makeup (natural look), but I do use a lot of products to achieve that sooo it has been something I want to reduce.

But like I’ve said, it IS a crutch I use, a coping mechanism (nothing more beautiful and satisfying than watching your face go from a 2 to a 4)

But I personally don’t like how it’s controlling my life (just checked my account on sephora…wasted a lot of money, and I’m not even wealthy to begin with)

So yeah, been trying to cut back but I have found it very difficult to. And this is coming from someone who has self harmed and starved before :confused:

Any advice from anyone who has been in a similar situation?

I think wearing makeup to make us look better is fine … I used makeup when I was younger … have stopped since I grew older … wearing makeup is not important … it’s the person underneath the makeup that is important … I do not believe that God judges us on these types of issues … if that is indeed where you are going with this question.

A lot of makeup products, especially foundation, perform double duty. Foundation can serve as a sunscreen, a moisturizer as well as even out skin tone. It can actually be good for you. It can even help clarify skin.

Do not feel obligated to eliminate makeup. It is not sinful in itself to wear makeup.

Just limit yourself to the basics if you want to control your spending.

I know it’s not sinful but I am just tired of exhausted of feeling obligated to wear it, if that makes sense? Have mentioned it to a priest, something about vanity, he told me to reduce it and ‘embrace’ myself, which is something I’m not good at

Easy. Take your time. If you wear foundation, apply a lighter layer of it. Or just use concealer on places you need it. Mascara-curl your lashes, apply one less coat. Stuff like that.

You shouldn’t be so scared of going makeup free by the way…your previous posts reeks of insecurity and while makeup can give you that little glimmer of confidence, it isn’t real. It washes off. You’re back to a 2.

Less is more…try bb cream in stead of foundarion, or a two in one powder or mineral powder–then lighten up eyeliner, and go for neutral pink lipstick.

Sometimes it’s the ritual more then the makep itself.

Thanks. Recently started to use lighter coverage :confused:

Although I have dark skin so pinks aren’t natural at all :smiley:

What do you mean by your last sentence. People keep saying that

I have found that the the mineral foundations used with a good moisturizer give a natural look without feeling like you have makeup on. I have Rosacea and I get good coverage without a feeling of heaviness. I am 68 years old, retired, and don’t feel obliged to wear makeup at all, but if I am going somewhere like out to eat or to church or an occasion, I like to complete the dressing up with a bit of makeup. A light dusting of blush and some mascara and lip gloss with the mineral foundation is about all I need. If it’s really fancy, I’ll use some shadow or liner, but lightly. To be honest I probably don’t spend more that $100 a year on makeup, and I usually buy at Sephora, but the stuff lasts forever and they also give out free samples.

If I’m at home or just running around to the store, I don’t wear makeup, but a good moisturizer with a sunscreen is a must, also keep out of the sun as much as possible to avoid excessive wrinkles.

Learn to go light on the makeup and you can do it in about 5 minutes, which greatly eases the “burdensome” feeling, but if you don’t want to wear it, don’t.

I used to wear a lot of makeup (like…everything) and then quit it all.

It wasn’t easy the first bit of time, to be honest I felt pretty ugly. Over time, I stopped feeling this way and now I’m very happy without makeup. I feel like I accept myself more, I’m more confident about my appearance, not less (this only came with time), and I save a lot of money this way. (Makeup is expensive!)

The reasons I did this were spiritual for me. After I made my Total Consecration to Our Lady, I came home from church and began putting on my usual heavy eyeliner, and I suddenly felt like Our Lady didn’t want me to and that I was changing how God created me. It was a very sudden and strong impression and it made me think. I had something similar again that eventually lead to a little “fast” from makeup, but I always ultimately returned - I missed it too much.

Eventually I came across a revelation of Jesus to a Saint and He said, that it offends Him when people paint their faces to make themselves more beautiful than how He made them. I suddenly saw it from the Creator’s point of view… And it made such an impression on me that I couldn’t wear makeup again. I did once again to an interview, but it felt strange and distracting.

I have to say that after quitting makeup like that, my prayer life really grew. I began to concentrate more on my interior life whereas before all my attention was on the exterior. It helped me to fight vanity and also eventually to accept myself as I am. It was hard at first though, very hard at times.

I realise not everyone would agree with me here. Some may ask, are you saying all the women in makeup are in mortal sin? No, I’m not saying they all are. Our Lord also said to the Saint it could be a venial or mortal sin. I do believe it is our vanity that leads to it. I think in our culture especially, many women are almost bullied into it, its like a social expectation. So I’m not commenting on anyone’s soul or intent. But I can’t now agree with the practice.

It might be interesting to note that in the Summa, St Thomas Aquinas actually says that moderate jewellery and adornment is ok for married women or those interested in marriage, but he disagrees with makeup even for married women. There’s a section about that. He says the only acceptable use is to cover up a disfigurement - but most makeup falls under decorative use. I was very surprised he mentioned this. Later I found quotes by early Church Fathers being VERY strict against makeup. Maybe because unlike jewellery, it actually changes the face that God made? That’s just a guess. I know people here said its totally ok but St Thomas Aquinas did write on the subject. I can provide the link if anyone is interested:

"Cyprian is speaking of women painting themselves: this is a kind of falsification, which cannot be devoid of sin. Wherefore Augustine says (Ep. ccxlv ad Possid.): “To dye oneself with paints in order to have a rosier or a paler complexion is a lying counterfeit. I doubt whether even their husbands are willing to be deceived by it, by whom alone” (i.e. the husbands) “are they to be permitted, but not ordered, to adorn themselves.” However, such painting does not always involve a mortal sin, but only when it is done for the sake of sensuous pleasure or in contempt of God, and it is to like cases that Cyprian refers.

It must, however, be observed that it is one thing to counterfeit a beauty one has not, and another to hide a disfigurement arising from some cause such as sickness or the like. For this is lawful, since according to the Apostle (1 Cor. 12:23), “such as we think to be the less honorable members of the body, about these we put more abundant honour”

The early Church Fathers were much more strict :o

Anyways even if you disagree with me, women have no obligation at all to wear makeup, it is just an invention of society, and not all women wear it :slight_smile:

Also to make it clear I’m not condemning women who wear makeup. That would be utter hypocrisy anyway, for me :slight_smile: I know there’s tons of pressure on us. I feel it to. But saying no to societies expectations has sort of freed me from them. This helps to be more confident and changes how we act with others.

If anyone feels called to marriage and is worried how this would affect them - there are many women I know who don’t wear makeup and found a great husband. You can still look put together and nice by choosing tasteful clothing. Just be yourself, be confident and joyful when you meet people, it goes a long way. :slight_smile: God bless you

One very important point I want to add is that I think its very important to know God’s love for us. When we do, I don’t think we would feel ugly or worthless even when we see all the media - which is all fake, airbrushed, as we know… Also I think a woman who looks natural but joyful and confident is much more attractive than one who wears much makeup, like I did, but hates herself. I does show at times in people. Don’t hate how God made you, He created you with love, and if you have anything that you don’t like in yourself physically, that is not some sort of sick joke or punishment. Try to trust in Divine Providence and try to thank God for having made you. He loves you and looks at you as if you are the only one on earth. Also you are more than a body. You are a soul too and one day our bodied will be renewed and they would be very beautiful and glorious. I know its hard to feel this way in our culture but… It does sort of get easier with time. I’m 30 now and I feel much different about myself than when I was 20 or even 25. You begin to accept yourself more as you are, I think, between the ages of 20 and 30. It can happen in 20s too. Our attitude has a lot to do with it. Try to think of your interior life, other people, serving God of course - just because it could help to free you from evaluating how you look like in comparison with the worlds valued. We’ll NEVER measure up because the world’s idea of beauty is a fake. Maybe one girl in a billion is like that, but is she truly happy, do people love her for herself? It can be a burden and a temptation to vanity.

:eek:Eventually I came across a revelation of Jesus to a Saint and He said, that it offends Him when people paint their faces to make themselves more beautiful than how He made them. I suddenly saw it from the Creator’s point of view… And it made such an impression on me that I couldn’t wear makeup again. I did once again to an interview, but it felt strange and distracting. :shrug:


Wearing makeup or not is strictly personal preference. Trying to find a reason to explain your reason for stopping is silly. If women were to follow every utterance from ancient saints and Church Fathers, we would be in sad shape. Remember that St. Paul wrote that women should not be allowed in the Sanctuary and under no circumstances TEACH men. Obsession is hard to deal with alone, finding a trusted friend to talk with about matters such as this is a true blessing.

I don’t think I’m obsessing. I was very much moved in my soul when I read those words of Our Lord. I also trust St Thomas Aquinas, early Church Fathers and the Saints much more than the views of our society. Anyways I’m not interested in debating or defending my point. I was sharing my story and research. I don’t want this thread to turn into an analysis of it. Its helped me much spiritually to follow what I read and felt in my heart, and I don’t regret it or obsess about it. If it was a nervous scrupulous thing, the result would have been different. I have peace on the matter and I’m fairly confident about it not because of my own thoughts, but the authority of the Church Fathers and St Thomas. I am not forcing anyone to agree with me. Just sharing my story of how I ended up quitting makeup. And again I’m not saying all the women in makeup are in mortal sin, or commenting on their souls at all.

Go to the Dollar Store and buy make up, if you must. (Or we have a 99 cent store by me, which carries anything, including food.)

Actually the brands you buy are sometimes very expensive because of the name behind them. I was surprised at how much make up is these days. So, if I can’t get it on sale, I buy “Wet and Wild”, for a couple dollars. It seems all the same to me.

But the foundation is what you don’t cut corners on. I usually get “Cover Girl” in a natural beige.

And go lightly on it. It seems that when a person gets a little “mature” too much makeup looks like a mask. By the way, men on TV news wear make up.

I stopped wearing make up when I went to live on a small island where the weather tended to be wet and windy and I had so many critters I was in and out of the house all the time. Same as any but the simplest hair style…No point as it got blown and washed off.

Skin improved and so did hair and I did not miss it, At first wore some for social functions but then dropped that too.

I’d be very careful about advising the use of cheap make-up. It can cause an allergic reaction and if it’s imported from China…well, the user may go the way of Queen Elizabeth l’s court…all that lead poisoning and all.

By ritual, I mean a habit .

I understand. Part of the outing, making the preparations… Like my quick check on fingernails etc; I get mucky with the garden etc. Part of thinking of others…

We don’t really have dollar store items…drugstore makeup can cost around 20-ish dollars (revlon foundation for example is almost 30) plus in my country, while we say it’s multi racial and all, don’t cater to people of my skin tone so gotta go to sephora and get high end brands (urban decay, stuff like that). Wet N Wild is quite a popular brand because their stuff are of good quality though, but I don’t think they sell much of the brand here. I’m not sure, I live under a rock

I have a baby face so makeup is thankfully forgiving on me :slight_smile: i go lightly on it (like my family doesn’t know I have makeup on, maybe besides lipstick), I just don’t like how i just HAVE to wear it, even if I feel like I look okay that day. Probably some anxiety issues I’m trying to get over imo

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