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I’m making a calendar for my boyfriend, and wanted to incorporate religious photos in for each month. Not being a Catholic, I don’t really know if there is anything that would be appropriate for specific months, and I wondered if anyone here could give me any ideas? I just want to make him something nice, that will also serve to remind him of good things when he looks at it.


If he’s a Christian, you could go for pictures of Biblical scenes or photos from the Holy Land, for example. Or pictures of Church buildings, still-lifes incorporating Bibles, candles, etc., or maybe nature photos accompanied by appropriate Bible verses.


Is your boyfriend a Catholic?


Traditionally, different months are dedicated to different aspects of our faith. From

January The Holy Name and Childhood of Jesus
February The Holy Family
March St. Joseph
April The Blessed Sacrament
May Mary
June Sacred Heart of Jesus
July The Precious Blood
August Immaculate Heart of Mary
September Seven Dolours (Sorrows) of Mary
October The Holy Rosary (and, less formally, the Holy Angels)
November Poor Souls in Purgatory
December The Immaculate Conception

Hope this helps!



Yep, he is Catholic. And thanks, that helps! :)


You could also look at what saints are commemorated each month, and obviously holidays like Christmas and Easter (April next year). And don't forget the liturgical seasons, like Lent.

An alternative idea would be to dedicate each month to one of the twelve apostles, though for some of them there really aren't a lot of images or information on them.


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