Making a Catholic Voice in U.S. Politics

. . . what are your thoughts?

How do we unite and present a Catholic politics?

I’d love to see Catholic politicians living their faith. When we have “representatives” of our beloved Church like Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden and Andrew Cuomo, no wonder the average Catholic is confused about voting for pro abortion politicians.

I’d like to see the Bishops call out the heretics :smiley: and clearly state why we cannot vote to be complicit in grave evil.


Why do you suppose they don’t, or at least don’t more often and not from the Pope?

I hope maybe they are speaking privately to them and encouraging them to change their hearts and minds about these issues. I suspect they fear attacks for being “too political.” I was so disgusted with them sending Biden to Pope Francis’ installation ceremony. We could have sent a devout practicing Catholic as the representative of our country. But no, we send the man who carried water to get gay marriage on the table, supports abortion and the HHS Mandate.

I agree, speak up or watch our faith be trampled.


There is no such thing as a Catholic position on political issues; on moral issues, yes, but not on political ones. The church identifies objectives: feed the hungry, heal the sick, etc, and she provides a framework within which one must work (do no evil even though good may come of it), but withing those general outlines we are free to do as we think best. Catholics in good standing can be on all sides of the same issue so, except for really just a handful of issues, there is no position that one could categorize as “Catholic.”


True. What I am certain about is there is no moral recipe for the action of the state. Jesus said, to St. Faustina, there will be no peace until the world submits to my Mercy. This was said before this event by Pope Pius XI. And John Paul II said a nation that kills its own children is a nation without hope. Again, their is no recipe. Moreover, I believe we have to change our expectations of politics. The humanistic pro-advancement of society will taste bitter in the many years ahead.

But yet, Pope Pius XI said, “The Church does not desire, neither ought she to desire, to mix up without a just cause in the direction of purely civil affairs. On the other hand…” (Ubi arcano Dei consilio, 65)

There is no “Catholic voice” in U.S. politics, nor will there be until there is decent catechesis, particularly to the young.

Nor should there be, e.g., from the USCCB, until such spokespersons manage to separate moral instruction from their political predilections.

People like Biden, Pelosi and others did not spring up from nowhere. They had, and undoubtedly still have, religious enablers who help them rationalize their immoral behavior.

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