Making a chronological Gospel synopsis


I am making a Gospel synopsis, in chronological order, with each section in columns with footnotes from explanations, many from Augustine’s Harmony on the Gospels as well as other excellents comments from commentators who harmonized. I am also providing each section with Tatian’s Diatessaron which weaves those sections together. I will keep you all posted when its ready, it should make a dynamic tool to study the Gospels, combat accusers of contradictions, etc.


I will be looking forward to this.

What are you going to do when two passages have similar words except one has more words. For example Jesus’s “on this rock” is only in Matthew, yet the confession by Peter is in each synoptic


Sounds cool! Are you planning on doing all 4 Gospels or just the Synoptics?


All four Gospels. Its in the works and is going very well! This is one of those projects that’s big but I am loving every second of it! I’ve wanted to do this for years!


They are put in columns side by side so you can compare them, and there will be an explanation for them that clarifies any discrepencies. And there is also under each section which has how those passages should be weaved together, based upon Tatian’s 2nd century Diatessaron. Every passage in the Gospels will be in this volume, all in chronological!



Hi Copland,

Chronology is a special interest of mine. When it comes to the gospels, one of the first problems we bump into is an apparent discrepancy regarding the cleansing of the temple. John places it in AD 27 and the synoptic gospels just before the crucifixion. (AD 30) Here is an article that I think you will find helpful.

Temple cleansing contradiction

All the best with your project. :thumbsup:


I finished the synopsis and its on the market here—side/dp/1494284170/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1392068200&sr=8-1&keywords=john+litteral

It tackles the chronological issues, but it really focuses greatly on all the parallel passages that are found in the Gospels and clarifies any questions of discrepancies.


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