Making a Murderer, Season 2


Anyone watching? Thoughts so far?


Yes, finished it. I tend to think Avery’s attorney was reaching with some of the physical evidence she claimed undercut the verdict. But there’s some interesting stuff that comes out about Bobby that I don’t know what to make of. And whatever happened, I don’t think Brendan got justice, even if he was part of it. In particular, I was horrified at the way his “attorney” was working essentially against him in Season 1, and that was highlighted further this season when they showed testimony from his attorney’s investigator - who said in writing that the Averys are scum and that their family tree branch should be sawed off. Brendan had no one competent in his corner at the pre-trial stage. The people claiming to be on his team really weren’t, and regardless of what he did or didn’t do, that’s a miscarriage of justice. He has great counsel now, but they have a huge uphill battle.


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