Making a prayer book

I would like to make my own 'book" filled with prayers for special intentions, and also for daily prayers for overcoming temptation and sin.

I found already some saints that I want to include, but can anyone help give me a saint for these type of issues:

Struggling with getting mad if someone upsets me , etc

Overcoming sin and becoming a better person

Getting stressed out

Worrying - I put saint padre pio ?

Praying for my soul as well as my immediate family souls

Also, I have more than one saint for finding a future spouse, would it be best to just choose one saint for each type of special intention? And, sorry if this is a dumb question, but I am confused about the feast days and how to do the prayers. Is the novena supposed to end that day? So, is it better to pray when it’s closer to their feast day?

Thank you!

You may want to try posting this in the “prayer intentions” forum or “catholic living/spirituality”. I’m sure posters who frequent there would be more likely to know.

Praying for your intentions.

St Francis de Sales for getting mad at people :slight_smile: He struggled very successfully with this temptation.

Here’s a thread on prayer binders. You may find some help in it.

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