Making a rosary for a pagan?


I have a friend who was raised a Catholic, but chose various parts of other religions to formulate a “spirituality” that she can live with. I don’t know how to describe her other than using the term “pagan”, so I’ll go with that. She knows I’m a Catholic Convert, and when I tell her I’ll pray for whatever her need, she’s completely fine with it.

Here’s the thing: I’d like to make her a Rosary. I’ve been beading one-decade Rosaries since my swim up the Tiber last year and giving them away, and I’d like to make one for her (to give along with the afghan I’m finishing for her as well).

However, I’d be concerned that she would use the Rosary for meditations on her pagan spirituality, and the “Earth Mother” and “Spirit” she uses frequently in poems she writes. But the other part of me thinks that I should go ahead and give it to her, trusting our very cool Jesus and His Mother that they’ll work their way to my friend through it.

What do you guys think?


I have found that all of my friends who have invented their own spirituality by choosing a bit of Christianity, a bit of “I am goddess” paganism and a bit of Oprah and whatever else tend to have an attachment to an impure lifestyle, which pure Catholicsim would threaten.

I would go ahead make her the rosary, have it blessed, and give her a card or printout with rosary promises on it, or stories of miracles effected by the rosary, or the story of Bernadette, or whatever inspires you. Let her know that it has been blessed and emphasize that it is prayed in a particular way, and tell her just how.

My sister-in-law, who had very little religion in her life after Baptism, remembered in her teens another teen commenting, “If you want anything it all, pray the rosary - you’ll always get it”. She remembered that comment, and a few years later, she was in a desparate sistuation with no way out and she needed a miracle. She found a rosary on her mothers “religion shelf” where she had objects and booklets from several religions, along with a pamplet on how to pray it, and she followed the instructions in the pamplet, including meditating on the mysteries and praying each word thoughtfully. When she was done or nearly done,she recieved an unexpected and unusal phone call that solved her problem (a big one) immediately.

Praying this rosary and recieving her answer was a key moment in her reversion/conversion to Catholicsim.


Don’t forget to put a Miraculous Medal on it and give her the prayer as well. “O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee.”


I agree. Rosaries should be in more hands.


I agree, give your friend the rosary. Even if she does ‘paganize’ it, there may come a night when she’ll think “I want to try this the proper way” and that one rosary you made her might be the one thing she has.

The only part I disagree with is the part of having it blessed. I tend to not like giving away blessed items because I don’t know how the other person will use it or if they’ll eventually dispose of it properly.


You could ask your friend to visit It’s an online Rosary I created for people who might like to say the Rosary online…


Rosary Army specifically asks that those of us who make rosaries for them to give away, not have them blessed for this very reason…

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