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I was planning on buying a rosary, but then the thought occured to me, why not make one. I love doing things myself.

I have a question though about beads, and I am very sorry if it seems foolish, but here goes.

Do the beads have to be round, or roundish? I’m wondering if there is some reason behind the shape of the bead itself and certain shapes were frowned upon.

I had found these All the rosaries I see either have round beads or roundish type.

Sorry if it’s a foolish question, I just don’t want to do something wrong.


Interesting site thanks for providing it. My son has made rosaries since he was 12. I had a jewelry making kit and he took it and made rosaries from it. We have bought all sorts of beads. I think it is round because it is easy to use and you can slide your hand on them. I know of no reason why they couldn’t be another shape. Maybe someone else has more information.


7 years ago I started making rosaries, but the ones I make are knotted twine. You can see a picture of one in the signature section of my post. You can find instructions at Rosary Army among other places:

I personally find an unrounded shape distracting while praying, but to each their own. I have seen every shape possible used for beads.


This is how to make a hybrid rosary. Follow these steps to make a 5 decade rosary.


I made my own (and first) rosary just recently - a couple of months ago or so. It is very rewarding to know that I made the thing I now use to help me pray.

I’ve no reason to think they can’t be round - as has been mentioned they can be as simple as knots on a cord, ultimately they are an aid to keeping count, so that your mind can focus on other things as you meditate during the rosary.

All the best



Rosary beads can be any shape you like, and pretty much any size you want them to be. I have made some beautiful ones of square cube shaped beads, tear shaped, and all kinds of shapes. They can be made from glass, seeds, ceramic, crystal, rhinestone and all sorts of materials. Use your imagination and creativity to make one you love. If you love it, you will be more likely to pray with it often. :slight_smile: Good luck.


One can purchase a beautiful rosary, hand made by one of our Eastern Catholic brothers in the Melkite Church, Mr. Phillip Rolfes who frequents the eastern forums here on CAF. .

I own one of his five decade Dominican style rosaries and two of his eastern “Chotki” prayer ropes. They are exquisite to hold, slide through the hand sublimely, and are all but indesetructible. Phillip hand ties every knot himself. .



Any shaped bead you desire:


Rosaries are so much fun to make! I think I've made about 50 so far, and I use any color and shape bead that appeals to me. I have one made of swarovski crystal cubes for the ave beads and round crystal balls for the pater beads. Really, it's what apeals to you.

I even saw once where someone made a giant rosary out of cut up swimming pool 'noodles' - you know, those foam thingies that float? She attached them all together with rope and floated the giant rosary in her pool and prayed with her kids.

I've also seen a rosary made of helium balloons tied together floating in the sky. What fun!

Here's a link to the Don Brown Rosary Collection. He had over 4000 rosaries. As you can tell from the pictures, the beads of of varying shapes:


I finally got one made. I used these beads.

I used this center and crucifix

This is what it turned out to look like. Sorry for the poor image quality, I have camera issues. One of my digital cameras needs a new rechargeable battery, it won't hold a charge beyond 10 seconds. The other camera I got for $12, nice 14mp camera, just no flash sigh. I took this pic with my cheap 5mp cell phone camera.

Thanks for answering my questions.

Sorry for posting the links, I tried the IMG code, but i won't allow a trial member.


That is beautiful, take it to mass with you and have it blessed, if you haven’t already.

All the best



My gosh, charlie1977, beautiful rosary. The pictures are fine. ;)


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