Making an Act of Spiritual Communion?


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I have recently committed the sin of an impure act that go against chastity. I know that it is a mortal sin. I am not able to get to confession for several weeks due to my pastor being away. In lieu of this, i know i cannot receive our lord in the holy eucharist at mass. Would it still be
pleasing to our lord if i make an act of spiritual communion while staying in my pew during communion time? I feel awful about committing this sin, do any of you suggest any prayers?

Thanks for your answers and sorry if i wasn’t entirely clear.

Think of it this way. Our Lord would be most happy to see you taking extra precautions for receiving him in the Blessed Sacrament. Your example is actually in the light. Think of the hundreds, **THOUSANDS ** of poor souls that receive him in mortal sin, some even aware that they are in mortal sin. Better to be safe than sorry. I know how you feel. recently i have been slacking on receiving Jesus in the Eucharist. Literally i haven’t received him in weeks because im in the state of mortal sin and i have been hesitant in going to confession. But all in all do not worry, it is ok to stay in your pew and praying for the Lord to come into your heart spirituality. You in fact are doing more good and receiving more grace than those who receive Jesus in Holy Communion in the state of mortal sin :wink: I pray to my Guardian Angel and to the Blessed Mother for guidance at the time Holy Communion is being distributed, I suggest you should you to.

The thing you should be most concerned about is your need for a timely confession. Surely there must be other priests in your area who would be willing to hear your confession while your pastor is away. Check the schedules of neighboring parishes and attend one for a confession right away. The worst thing that can happen to you right now is an unprovided death. I would never linger so long in a state of mortal sin.


Surely the Priest that would subsitute for Your Pastor could hear your confession. Someone is coming to say MASS in the pastor’s place right? Then get the visiting Priest to hear Your confession. If it’s possible, tommorrow! Mortal sin is a disgusting thing to be wallowing in. **

Spiritual Communion is just fine, and as callmeChris said is better than receiving the Eucharist in a state of mortal sin.

As for Confession, you can go to any Catholic Church and confess. Don’t refrain because your priest is out of town. Most importantly, to braeden and callmeChris and anyone reading, don’t be afraid of Confession! I speak from experience. I’m afraid every time the priest will be outraged. Never happens. I was actually afraid the priest who heard my first confession would give me the penance of not being Confirmed at the Vigil last month. I told him terrible things I had done, and at the end he simply said “Welcome, brother. That was a good confession.” You can’t shock them. Go as soon as possible. :slight_smile:

Funny, I used to go to other parishes because I feared my pastor figuring out that it was me. I have not been to confession in years. I was away from the church for awhile. And, that is the one thing that I hated about the Catholic religion. I made up my own rules. FF to the sum of two invalid marriages, and now I can not go to confession. What is really ironic is that I want to go to confession, so I may receive Holy Communion.

I ask for spiritual Communion every Sunday. I am in the process of working on an annulment. Acutally, my husband’s annulment is more complicated. He kept dragging his heels about getting the information. He is not Catholic. He is not religious. He is a non-practicing Orhtodox. He comes from a family that was not religious. He believes that people can pray from home and church is unnecessary. He believes that most wars were over religions. So, religion must not be a good thing. It is man made.

My mother is a devout Catholic. I never really felt it. I did what I felt obligated to do and sent my kids to parochial school. I went to church when they were of shcool age. But, I still did not have any strong Catholic beliefs. Until…This past year doing Eucahristic adoration every week. I don’t know why I never really felt this way before. As a young child, I felt religious. But, that faded when I became a teenager, and I hated that I had to go every Sunday. I just wanted to stay in bed. Now, I enjoy going to church every Sunday and going to adoration weekly.

I look forward to the day that I can go to confession, again. How ironic is that?

Seriously, go to another parish for confession, if it is not available at your parish now. I look forward to the day that I am able to receive the sacraments again.

I am never afraid, it’s just i’ve been slacking :shrug: oh human nature :banghead:

First make an act of perfect contrition with the resolution to get to confession ASAP. That means say an act of contrition with sorrow for having offended God who is all good and deserving of all your love. Then make frequent acts of Spiritual Communions throughout your day. (I’d confess to a traditional priest, if I were you.)

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