Making assumptions . .


I know, in general, men need things spelled out. Don't assume, don't beat around the bush, just be direct.

But really . . . my husband had to ask if I was going to visit our daughter at the hospital after she has the baby. He got irritated and said, "How would I know unless you tell me?" (which I hear frequently - he never seems to know anything, it's up to me to somehow predict what he needs to be told) Betcha' anything he asks me later if he should go, too.

Sometimes I wonder if it's more than just a guy being clueless. Sorry guys, I know you're not all like this! I grew up w/ 4 brothers and they are not this way.

The good news though, is that dd is having her baby right now, so I'll be holding my grandson later today. :thumbsup:


sounds like first grand-child jitters, and yes this is emotional for the grand-dads too, so cut him some slack, because he can't show it except by pounding something (a hammer or some golf balls) or getting irritable.

congratulations and blessings for your family.


I think a number of people grow up without a knowledge of what to do in certain situations, possibly because they weren't exposed to them.

OTOH, if you have never noticed this about him before, I too would put it down to nervous excitement.


Congratulations, Gramma! :thumbsup:

I bet he's just nervous.




Aw, how exciting, congratulations.


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