Making churches wheelchair accessible


does anyone know of a person or company who gives a good price for making a parish wheelchair accessible in the Chicago area? Thanks!!


Has to be customized for each situation. No two are alike.

Often there are unhappy surprises such as a structural column in the wrong place or the discovery of a heating duct or electrical panel or conduit that cannot be relocated.

You need an architect. And an engineer.

The plans need to be approved by the diocese [often a committee of architects] and also by the municipality and you will need a building permit.

Depends on the heights above the sidewalk or below the sidewalk [if there is basement access that is also needed for a social hall.]

Could be very expensive.

An elevator could be $200,000.

However, in addition. it would be useful to have a committee of street-smart parishioners, handy-men, etc, who could come up with a DIY approach. Some kind of ramp plus landscaping.


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