Making Fun of Jesus

I saw a video that is on Hamlet 2 (a website I clicked in error), and there was a song and a movie titled “Rock me sexy Jesus”. If you go on yahoo, click on movies to Hamlet 2, you’ll see it. It’s terribly blasphemous. Poor Jesus, he is offended once again. :frowning:
I didn’t catch the name of the director. It shows Jesus in tight jeans :eek: and other things :eek: What are people thinking?

After seeing a piece of “art” which featured a crucifix immersed in a tank of the artist’s urine, people’s attitudes toward Our Lord do not surprise me anymore.

Shock, yes, but not surprise.

If they were making fun of a cow hindu’s would be offended, there are alot of hindu’s. It is only “offensive” in your cultural context. You phrased it your self “our lord” remember that is exactly who jesus is, your lord…

The Jesus in urine, i saw that picture, thought it was retarded, I didn’t get it, It was only a big deal because it was Jesus in the urine. A figure which is given reverence in a majority of the western culture to be defiled. The art it’s self was nothing great, now had they done a painting in glow in the dark urine (which is what I thought it was originally only to be sorely disappointed with a lame as picture) that would have been awesome…

Well, we don’t know what happen in the future. Sometimes, a very strong and cruel anti-christ could become an apostle too, such as Paul.

It is from an upcoming movie by one of the directors of Southpark. About a drama teacher who is told he can’t put on the musical

We have “Zohan” which makes fun of Israelis and Palestinians. “Love Guru” which makes fun of Hindus. And this movie which has “Rock me Sexy Jesus”

So, the other characters make fun of individuals within the religions. This one directly mocks Jesus. I see a big difference.

Those movie make fun of people. This movie makes fun of the God of two billion people and the Prophet of another Billion, it is hardly the same thing Valke. Both are wrong, but in different ways.

I don’t.

How many Hindus are there?

800 million approximately. However the film ‘‘the Guru’’ made fun of Hindus, not picking out a single deity and mocking them. I don’t think either are particularly tasteful but I am less offended by films that mock Catholicism or Catholics than I am by films that mock Christ.

People are constantly attacking Catholicism and Christ. Why are they so hung up on my religion if it isn’t the correct one? That is the reason. Because it is the one founded by Christ.

It’s gotta be to the tune of “Rock me Amadeus” right? Please tell me it is…:yup:

That being said, I honestly don’t have a problem with humorous/satirical portrayals of Jesus that are in good fun (such as some but not all of what is seen on shows like the Simpsons or Family Guy). The truly offensive stuff, like the crucifix in urine, the Mary in cow dung, etc., is just terrible, though.

No you just notice them mocking you becuase it effects you and you notice it. It does not in any way identify your faith or any faith as correct becuase it is mocked more… What kind of logic is that? There are alot of black jokes does that mean blacks are superior or the correct ideal? How many people made fun of the Nazi Ideal does that make that ideal the right ideal…

And there is no dfference btween making fun of jesus and a cow… in terms of comedy obvioulsy one is a human and the other a bovine, there both mammals however…Either way both are idolised figures within a respective relegion… The only difference is what relegion the viewer is…

Think about how horrible mc donalds is to hindus?

All of it is up comedy and art or none of it is, you can’t pick and choose. No matter what you do you will offend someone, none of it is evil, if you don’t like it don;t watch it…

“up comedy and art”? I’m not sure what you mean.

In any case, I can pick and choose. I didn’t say any of it ought to be outlawed (anyway, the US Supreme Court has made a similar distinction in the past - one “knows” obscenity when one “sees” it - i.e., some stuff is art and some stuff is obscenity). I, however, simply said “I” don’t have a problem with some of it, but others of it is offensive. Surely I can pick and choose what I find acceptable or funny and what I find vile and offensive…?

Abbadon, your profile lists you as **“irreligious”, **Just exactly is that? No difference between Jesus and a cow? Now I’ve heard everything. Forgive them Father, they know not what they do.

There is actually a good side to offensive - or - anti-Christian art.

That being your repulsion brings you closer to God, in union with Him.

Think about it.

Because you don’t believe Jesus is God.

Right, until someone draws a Muhammad cartoon… :eek:. I notice no one is mentioning Islam in this discussion. The self-censorship we have trained ourselves into is amazing…

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