Making fun of Protestant Emotionalism, or just being honest?

I was having a deep conversation about the Catholic Faith with a few of my Muslim friends and they wanted to learn about the differences between Catholics and protestants. I informed them that after protestants left the authority of the Church, anything goes. And that you can see the vast differences from Catholic worship to Protestant services. I showed them a video example called “Real Pentecostal Praise Break” where a group of people are gyrating and jumping around and shaking while repeating Jeeeeeesus and making strange sounds and babbleing while drums and symbols bang loudly over and over with an organ and tambourines.

In the video, a lady starts jumping and convulsing violently also while saying these sounds and another is shaking in her pew. I compared it to a video of the mass and how completely different amd wild the Protestant service was. The Protestant service was crazy and funny to me and the others and we laughed and repeated what they were saying in the video. I know I would not have laughed directly at a Protestant who does such thinks but I felt guily after doing so to this video, and jokingly saying “Jeeeesus” as the lady in video did. Is this a serious matter? Should we not show others where Protestantism leads? I’m conflicted because I’m a convert from that kind of emotionalism.

IMO that was unnecessary and mean-spirited. Those are sincere Christians who are our separated brethren and they deserve respect, not to be laughed at and mocked.

Saying “Jesus” like you reported doing is a sin against not saying the name of our Lord in vain. It’s a serious matter.

Knocking down any other religion does NOT build up ours.

Further, that video was the exception, not the rule. It was unfair and dishonest to show it as if it were a good example. The excuse that you’re getting away from the emotionalism is no excuse. I hope you’ll try a different tack in future.

While I accept that many people are of the opinion that such forms of worship and praise as described above are not appropriate, it’s not apparent to me why the way that anyone chooses to worship God (let alone those following Scriptural commands to “Praise God with the tambourine and dancing”, Psalm 150) should be made into an occasion for mockery and laughter.

You may or may not understand why they do what they do, but unless you know the heart of that person, the charitable thing would be to assume that the person is sincere in their worship. You can still disagree and even let others know about your disagreements and concerns, but I don’t know what good it does to laugh along with Muslims at other Christians worshiping Jesus Christ.

As someone who comes from this tradition and has done things in church that I’m sure made me look foolish, I’m more sensitive to such things. I just remind myself of the words spoken by King David after he danced before the Lord, “I will become even more undignified than this, and I will be humiliated in my own eyes” (2 Samuel 6:22).

Sorry to chime in again, but since you and your Muslim friends were laughing at Christians caught up in the spirit, maybe next weekend the Muslims will “treat” and you all can laugh your heads off at Whirling Dervishes. Bet that won’t happen.

Anyway, we all have poor judgment from time to time. May I ask if alcohol was involved? Or just your personal resentment against Protestant “emotionalism”?

I appreciate this response. As a former pentecostal, I can authoritatively say that what I did, regarding praise and demonstrative worship, was done with sincerity and adoration of Jesus. It wasn’t some game, it wasn’t a flippant thing we took lightly. It was done because we believed in fully and without restraint showing our extreme love and adoration of God Almighty and felt we were basing our actions upon the scriptures found in the Psalms that describe different forms of worship and praise. The quickest way to run me off as quickly as possible from even considering the Catholic Church would be to come into contact with one with a pharisaical attitude of holier-than-thou, taking it even further to mocking the faith of others.

Jesus came to seek out those who were dismissed and rejected by the spiritual leaders of his day…those people the pharisees avoided, threw out of the temple, condemned, etc…Jesus came along, sought them out and embraced them, reintroducing them to the God who is All Loving. I know only my own heart, as does God, and I would find it repulsive for any follower of Christ, no matter the denomination or faith, to mock, poke fun, or laugh at the well-meaning practices of another who sincerely believes that he is worshipping the King of the Universe. God loves them all and my endeavor is to see all people as God sees them. And God is not laughing at those people. He loves them with a perfect love that we can’t even fully comprehend. I appreciate your thoughtful response.

Protestantism leads to nothing in particular, regarding such matters. Many protestants…likely even most, are not pentecostals and will never be. Most protestants attend worship services that are orderly and serene. I don’t know where you would get the idea that Protestantism leads to behaving in the way you described. Protestantism is not a disease that leads to wild behavior. I hope that, as a representative of the Catholic Church, that you reflect its precepts and concepts with love, compassion, longsuffering, understanding, and unconditional love, just as Jesus manifests to each of us as human beings. As a Christian, we are the only Jesus most will ever see. I sincerely doubt that Jesus is sitting at the right hand of God, laughing and mocking those who sincerely worship God in a traditional way that differs from that of the Catholic Church.


Quote from the Bhagavad Gita:

 "However humble the offering, be it a leaf, a flower, a fruit, or water, if it is made with love and devotion, I will accept it."

 I believe Pope Francis just made a statement that we shouldn't (cannot is what I've been reading in the media) make fun of others' faith.

 Blessings to all.

I recently spoke with my spiritual director about this and got a similar response. My actions were unfair, because not every protestant is a Pentecostal who does such things in adoration of our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ. I could have told them about what we believe rather than show them outward acts others’ faith. Some protestants worship in similar ways to Catholics (even with an appreciation for things sacramental) and rather than take that time to explain our faith, I ridiculed others. What does that misunderstanding say about Catholics? It says we are concerned with outside appearance and not the faith behind it. I’m set to have more conversations with these Muslims and will be revisiting this subject and correcting my skewed approach. Protestants are our separated brothers and sisters, even though I am witnessing to the fullnes of the Truth in the Catholic faith. These Muslims should know where to go through the case for Catholicism, not the ridicule of another practice. Pray for me you all :slight_smile:

I’m glad you have a spiritual director and he apparently gave you an appropriate response.

I don’t understand what you mean by the bolded and underlined part above, though. I don’t see what the “misunderstanding” says about anyone other than yourself.

I am definitely praying for you for the next time you meet with your friends.

I mean to the Muslims I was speaking with. I’m setting an example as a Catholic to them and seeing me they may think that Catholics are concerned too much with outside appearances even though that’s not true. It’s my misunderstanding and error that affects their perception of Catholics. That’s what I meant by “what does it say about Catholics” , I meant in the eyes of the Muslims I spoke with.

SplendidSt, I’m glad that you realized you made a mistake. :thumbsup:

Thank you for clearing that up. God bless you. Represent well! :slight_smile:

repent. go to confession. what you did is clearly not from God.


Your logic is flawed. The RCC claims of authority are not supported by the multiple ways that Protestants worship. In the interest of fairness and open dialogue I hope that you will encourage your Muslim friend to go and ask Protestants about the Reformation from their perspective.

Since you’re making fun of how your Christian brothers and sisters worship are you going to show your friend Catholic “clown” and “puppet” masses and laugh at them too? You can find several of those on YouTube. There are also Charismatic Catholic Masses as well. Are you going to make fun of them as well?

Having been raised in Pentecostalism in the '50s and '60s, I am very familiar with that type of worship, although the scene that you described was not an every-service occurrence. I am now solidly Catholic, but I would welcome a return of some of the emotional feeling on my own part when praising God.

Wow. Just wow.

I’d be interested in how you view the Muslims services and how they pray to “Allah.”

Not only were your actions not Christian, but you took our Lord’s precious name and abused it before your “friends.” Are these Muslims really friends? To them, you are an infidel.

I would think very, very little of a Catholic, or any Christian, who mocked another sect’s practices. That would tell me they care more about the social status their religion gives them than they do about honoring their deity.

Since the OP admitted it was a mistake and spoke to his spiritual director over a week ago, I suspect he is in agreement with the posts pointing out the inappropriateness of his response. I’d say the matter is probably closed, unless someone disagrees with his final position on the matter. :shrug:

Do not assume anything. There are many different Catholic cultures across the world who do worship with drumming and dancing. I knew a woman who was a nun from Africa who was Catholic and very charismatic. Additionally, there are several very reverent ways that various Protestants worship much like the Catholic mass - such as in the Anglican Church.

If we are going to be a teacher we should know what we are teaching about. You could very well have shared the video of the Pentecostal service and stated that this was your personal experience of only one kind of Protestant worship style. There is nothing wrong with with being amused at what we human beings do sometimes. We are all simply children of God.

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