Making money while in school...ideas?


Hey everyone

      I'm in college and really want to earn some money on the side. And finding a part time job is really hard (as everyone knows). Do any of yall have any ideas on ways to earn some extra side money. I'm not talking about a lot of money. I just mean just a little on the side for gas and tools (I'm in Auto collision repair) and stuff. I have heard you can make money Any ideas on cheap side businesses? Or cheap online businesses or anything? Thanks for any ideas!


Talk to your college. All colleges have a work program where you can work on campus and earn some money. See what they have to offer.


College bookstores are usually begging for good workers, the cafeteria is almost always desprite for workers and there are typically a myriad of work study jobs available. There are other jobs, too, such as phoning alum for donations…less glamorous but pays.

I’d be VERY careful trying to start up something. On-campus jobs keep your studies first.

That being said, you’re in auto repair. Keep a log of the work you do and what you know how to do. (like an artist’s portfolio) Accumulate some useful tools and offer things like oil changes and other basic services on the cheap. An average Jiffy Lube oil change is 35 but you may be able to get some oil at walmart and a filter at pepboys for under $10 and undercut the competition by $10-15.

You know how to pop a dent, repair a scratch? GREAT. Again, just look to other students or area people. Its too bad you’re not near me. I’m slapping some bondo in a rust spot so my car will pass inspection. To fix it properly it takes about $25 in materials and an hour of work, but there are few garages around who want to do the work (and those who do know the inspeciton laws to try to force me to fix it) so they want more than $300. Long story short I’m jamming it with bondo and having my dad fix it at Christmas. I’d pay a kid $100 to fix it. There are alot of people out there like that.

(my apologies to mechanics who are trying to make a living :blush: I know there are some good ones out there, but so many are unscrupulous)


If you’re in car repair, there’s lots you can offer to do for your fellow students, especially if you’re at a traditional college. Offer to do oil changes or top off wiper fluid. Get a little hand held vac and offer to detail the students’ cars. Change tires. Buy a shovel and an ice scraper and hang out in the parking lot after a good snow. You can advertise in student unions, dining halls, or dorms. Even if you’re prices are smiliar to nearby autoshops, students will pay for the convenience of having you on campus.


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