Making no Head-Way


Im done arguing with those who defend a faith in man and in books other than the Word of The Living God. Bottom line, the reason catholicism is so prevalent among religion in the U.S is a direct result of the message it sends. Almost all of those that i talk to “In Person” and profess to be catholic still live surrendered to their sin and in a fleshly lifestyle with the understanding that they can say hail marys and confess their sins to a man and be forgiven. The word catholic literally means liberal. And if you dont know what the word liberal means, let me enlighten you. The word liberal means licentious, or morally unrestrained. Liberals, in politics, push for a government that harbors almost no authority ultimately letting them live the life they want. Liberals choose to not recognize God as an authority, so they can live the way they want and not be subject to any sort of judgment. This is not my speculation or some random idea i conjured up this is fact and statistics. I believe if anyone here has a level head they would agree that its pretty hard to find practicing catholics and most that profess it do it merely with a tainted understanding that it will save them from hell fire. Heres the bottom line. I understand that the catholic church is considered the Christian body as a whole, but you have to dissect what being a Christian means to you. Does it mean that you merely observe mass and the sacraments or that you live your life following Christ in every way. A Christian is a follower of Christ, not just the title of a religion folks. Im not saying that catholics dont teach the New Testament but i do know that the a lot of what their doctrine is based on is rapped around Old Testament principle and sacrament. The New Testament is what applies to the gentile. Jesus is the fulfillment of the law and “The Way, The Truth, and The Life”. Sacraments of confession and things that relate are important, yes, but we are made to be baptized not only in water but also in the Holy Spirit that we might receive the breath of Life that will make us free to live spontaneously for Christ. God wants His children to be led by the Holy Spirit in everything they do and not live surrender to tradition and religion. God wants us to follow His Son and live as He did because when we are born again we are not only changing, we are exchanging our lives for His. Jesus had no exact and singular method that He used to heal people or to perform other miracles. He usually did things out of the norm in order to show the power of God in different ways. I truly believe that God wants us to live for Him and not for tradition and religion. This is what scripture has revealed to me and what the Lord has laid on my heart time and time again. Someone also posted in my comment about the majority of the rosary being dedicated to Mary, and this person replied saying something along the lines of “We talk to Mary and the other saints more because God is not as talkative as the others”. I have never heard something so bizarre and nonscriptural in my life. I believe God is always talking to us, its just are we listening or living in the Spirit as God has advised? I dont even really know what to say anymore. Because everything I say is inaccurately proved “wrong” by the siting of Catechism excerpts and/or Apocrypha notations. I just dont know how to approach such a matter. Im sorry that if you were brought up in religion and indoctrinated all your life. And those who truly believe what you profess and have studied it out and still stand firm in your beliefs, than i have nothing negative to say to those. God Bless you All and Im sorry for the confusion.



The word catholic means universal.

Peace be with you,



Where to start…

No facts, no questions, no support for any statements, no signs of understanding Christ’s Church.

All personal opinions, the whole post. Opinions to back up opinions, sounds like personal interpertation to me. According to the bible what are personal opinions or interpertations good for? These opinions didn’t come from reading the bible. They are part of your religious traditions. Ironic, isn’t it.

If two people disagree on matters of faith what is the biblical resolution to such a disagreement? Ultimately,the answer is to take it to the Church.

Care to follow me to the Church for a solution since your opinions differ from mine? The “head-way” will start there.


I’m brand-new around here and a recent Catholic convert. Here are some questions which you might find interesting from that perspective:

  1. How do you deal with the different table of contents associated with Scripture? Or the multiple translations? Haven’t these various forms come about through some form of consensus of opinion among men?

  2. Much of Scripture consists of things other than the Word of God. There is history, genealogy, parables, etc. Some Bible versions highlight Christ’s sayings in particular in red. Are these portions more credible than the rest of Scripture?

  3. Does your church not follow some form of liturgy? Since the Bible doesn’t lay out a liturgy, where did it come from?

  4. Is your pastor’s interpretation of Scripture more credible than your own? If so, why?

I ask these since these were the questions which really exposed the fault line between Catholicism and the various Protestant denominations I’ve encountered. Our Catechism, which has the great advantage of being written down for everyone to see, Catholic and non-Catholic alike, answers these questions in ways the Bible cannot, as church tradition naturally evolved after the 1st century A.D.

I would respectfully point out that what you erroneously call apocrypha is in fact our Bible, reflecting the additional books which the Jews view to be part of what we call the Old Testament. The true apocrypha were those books weighed and rejected for inclusion within the Bible centuries before Martin Luther elected to edit the canon ex nihilo.

Again, the trouble is not only in doing what Scripture compels, but agreeing on what Scripture is. There is much more disagreement within Protestantism as to that than between Protestants and Catholics I believe.

I hope you’ll rethink your position vis-a-vis leaving and continue to present your point-of-view. Getting so frustrated with fellow Christians isn’t considered to be a good thing in either of our churches, is it?


I am not surprised you are making no Head- Way.

When you want to start, let me know.


The Word of God is Jesus. The Bible even says so. (John 1:1).
Perhaps you should focus on your own soul and stop judging the rest of us. (Commanded explicitly by …The Word of God as recorded in Holy Scripture).


Sounds like you don’t much care for (what you THINK is) the Catholic Church. If so, why don’t you just bail? So much of what you wrote is misunderstanding, misconception and misconstruing - that it’s impossible to know where to begin with your post.

Btw, ‘Catholic’ means ‘universal’ not necessarily in the sense of being ‘the same everywhere’, but rather in the sense of being ‘over-arching’, “from the beginning” (i.e. the same, always believed, etc…as in Apostolic and the same faith as the ‘Fathers’ and first / all those professing the faith handed down by the apostles and Jesus Christ)

You really need to be aware that most of what you write, including virtually all of your ‘issues’, are your own interpretations and opinions and are not part of the Catholic faith. Nor are these ideas professed by Catholics - whether today or in the time of the Apostles.

The sheer ‘volume’ of your missive does not make it cogent but I get the impression you think it does. Do some studying, learning and truth-gathering. Then, if you have issues and problems, lay them out.

Disagreeing with and getting angry with falsehood serves no point whatsoever.

God be with you and guide you: :rolleyes:


What does it mean to you to make head-way on this forum? What would head-way look like?


Haha…I dont even know what to say anymore guys…Im just gonna kindly cease to post and make threads as a result of the attack that is set out for me following every comment I make. Im not judging, i am merely reiterating that which you should already know. Im sorry that you guys feel the way you do and your confusion that is brought on by deception and or indoctrination. I will pray for you that you will experience God for yourself and not fix your beliefs on what the pope says or what others have been telling you throughout your lives. I cant possible know a mans heart or how he will be judged by The Almighty, so i will cease to make accusations or attempt to prove wrong the catholic church. I just know that God is real in my life and I choose to live my life according to His infallible word and nothing else. I stand firm in my solidarity, and refuse to falter or burn out as a result of the attempted conversion from what I know to be true and real to a religion that teaches things contradictory to the Bible. God Bless You and I will keep you all in my prayers. Take it easy.



Sounds like an excellent plan.

I’m so glad your free from confusion and indoctrination.

Did I mention I have some land in Louisiana for sale.

Real cheap!



The caricature of the Catholic faith, life, and community is really cartoonish and unreal. The reason why there is no headway is that you are speaking to people that don’t exist. I can see why it would begin to feel like Don Quixote tilting at windmills.

Again, I ask, if you “save” people based on lies, or untruths, does the end justify the means? Deceivers for Jesus?

If you come looking for notches in your steering wheel and upping your bag count, your motivation and approach are both wrong. That approach is against the Gospel.

Fast from your efforts, take your own motivations, misperceptions, and methods to prayer, and ask for the Holy Spirit to enlighten you with what you need to know and do, no matter how much it hurts. The truth shall set you free, but first it will hurt like hell.

Peace be with you!


Repeating the same thing over and over regardless of response is the telltale sign of indoctrination. My mistake for thinking that the headway you were seeking was to understand the Catholic worldview and how it differs from you own.

More honesty and transparency might result in more headway, depending on where you’re looking to go.

All the best and Godspeed.


Jesus clearly gave the Apostles power to forgive sins, along with their succesors. But from the very beginning of the Church, there have always been those who objected to the very idea of forgiveness and reconciliation. There were those who had apostasized during the persecutions, and when the danger had passed, wished to return to the Church. Some wanted to refuse them readmission, because they had sinned. The Church rejected that policy, as it has always been and always will be, a hospital for sinners.


I may still sin, as some of the Apostles seem to have done even after the Resurrection and even after they received the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.

If I were ‘surrendered’ as you put it to sin or a ‘fleshly’ lifestyle I wouldn’t confess at all - I’d just wallow happily in my sins like a pig in mud.

And no, to sin with the idea that you can automatically confess and be forgiven is actually a sin in itself - it’s called ‘presumption’, as in presuming upon God’s mercy. Confession is only valid if the intent to sin no more is sincere.


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