Making out with postpartum wife

Hey all,

So I know during the healing process my wife and
I can’t have sex, but because we miss the intimacy sometimes we will kiss and kiss some more.

Anyways, out of excitement if the guy should leak semen, is that going too far? Not final ejaculation, but leaking. Is it a sin?

Seriously? Sometimes I really don’t like the Internet.

Seconded. The OP is pretty much the definition of “too much information”. I can just about understand having such a doubt, but why post it in a public forum when a confessor would be the most logical (and sane) alternative?? :mad:

As a woman with three kids i remember how in love i was when my babies were born. I couldn’t wait to be intimate and show my love to my husband. I also remember my body feeling so “practical”. I didn’t feel attractive. please please please keep kissing and loving your wife like this and forget leaking. It’s not a big deal. God wants you to remain a strong bonded couple more than anything else. Just love on her.

OP, maybe you should do a search for “leakage”. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that if you can’t find anything, it’s probably OK. :shrug:

The result I got was the Vatican wiki leaks :wink:

This does not bother me as much as it obviously did the previous posters. I know that after our kids were born my wife and I always feel so emotional and want to be close. My wife and I usually only abstain 2-4 weeks which is not the norm for most.

Ya I saw posts in the past on same topic, and it didn’t offend anybody. Must be “lazy” Catholics. :slight_smile:

I’ve got thick skin and the Internet haunts I used to patrol were some of the most unmoderated and uncensored wilds of this bizarre environment, so I assure you I’m not offended. I just don’t know why you’d ask a this question and use the diction that you did.

The Church’s doctrine is quite clear on what is impermissible in regards to sex. Interpretations of what line can and can’t be crossed and when is all theological conjecture. This ain’t Monty Python man.

And for those that don’t get the reference, go watch Life of Brian.

To the OP
the “leak” is not a problem and rarely contains enough sperm to worry about.

:rotfl: :rotfl:

Good one!

You’ve got me there. :wink:

Not “offended” - listening to such “fine details” is part of my job, actually! Just wondering if a private discussion might be a more appropriate forum for such things. Not on my account, but because I’ve seen board posts by others complaining about this sort of discussion lately.

To return to the topic at hand… as a previous poster has pointed out, the “leak” you describe is quite distinct, biologically, from an ejaculation. While it is a sign of sexual arousal, its sperm count is low to nil. As long as there’s no climax involved, I think you’re safe here.

He’s not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy!

I don’t see why everyone is so prude about this post.:shrug:
I wouldn’t worry about it. After all you are married.

What do you mean by that. Anything goes in a marriage? The OP is trying to be chaste. Would that more Catholics put that kind of thought into the marital embrace.

I agree… and I’m not even married. Displaying your affection for someone you truly love, and are bonded to by the sacrament of matrimony is not wrong… it’s a gift of God
God Bless :thumbsup:

Practical tip here. Buying a quality and reliable moral theology book and actually reading it, these types of questions are more easily answered without having to seek out strangers. These things are well explained in such books.

  1. There is nothing immoral about kissing your wife.

  2. You need to see a priest regarding possible scrupulosity and perhaps a puritanical/unhealthy view of marital sexuality.

I dont agree. You could say that for the entire apostolate of Catholic Answers. It exists to provide Catholic Answers. You dont have to engage if it isnt your cup of tea. But as we see in the media and even politics now people are talking about the Church and sexuality and that should be a good thing. I know of several surprised Catholics that were not of teh impression the Church took ABC so seriously. Also it gets my non Catholic mother off my back about having more kids. (she is appalled that we have a 4th on the way) She used to tell me of all the “good” Catholic friends she had who assured her that ABC was absolutely ok. Now, with all the media exposure she can’t say that anymore.

Ya gotta be in all media not just books to get the Gospel out my friend.

I didn’t get that from the post. They were worried about some ahem… pre stuff and have been given good advice here. No need to assume scrupulosity. I get the impression they are just trying to be holy and didnt understand. I could be wrong, but better not to accuse someone of suffering from scrupulosity when you dont have to.

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