making promises to God


Have any of you tried making promises to God? What kind of pledges are appropriate? Right now I’m making a pledge to God to offer prayers and masses for certain intentions.

I’ve read an account of a lady who made a covenant with God to heal her daughter. The girl was healed, and the mom was faithful to the covenant, receiving Communion everyday for the last 20 or 30 years.

another is a girl who was livign a wayward life, and her dad got sick. She asked God to heal her dad and in return, she’ll change. She did tried to change for the better, trying to become a good Catholic.


We make vows to other people, especially as care-givers; we make them in order to be more humble too. I wonder if sometimes they are eased up on, for reasons that seem appropriate. I didn’t want to mention them, for vows and pledges are rather secret. It could be simple as what one watches on video and TV … pledges to stay in the family fare. Or it could be more dear as to vocation, or care for a family member.

I asked an older woman, who said to me when I admired her dress, that she never ever wore slacks (pants) … if that was a vow that she made, and she said no. To me it seems like a vow, since it was so well kept. So, bearing any reason I can think of, it still seems like a pledge, though a simple one.


It’s great to offer up your prayers and sacrifices for specific intentions. You can make an unofficial vow or a pledge or a promise or a covenant all you want to. But always accept that ultimately it is God’s will.

Sometimes He won’t grant you what you’re praying for no matter how much you pray.

Sometimes He will grant you certain things without your praying for them.

All the other times God might grant your intentions or not depending on how many prayers are said for such and such intention.

Truly we can never know God’s intention - for He is infinitely knowledgeable and we must submit ourselves to His will. The problem with all of this lies with some people (finite pieces of dust) who think they know better than God and get all upset when their requests are not granted.


My dear friend

When I found my church, or more so when it found me, I read the bible and had no clue what I was supposed to do then. So I promised God that if He taught me what to do I would do it. He’s been keeping His side of the deal perfectly. Can’t say the same for me , but I try.

God bless you:thumbsup::slight_smile:


A lot of people promise publication, if a novena is answered. For little things, I promise a Rosary, if I get what I am asking for. It almost always is answered, my mother offers masses for prayers answered. So far, promising masses has never worked for me.


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