Making regret useful


I was talking to my high school buddy. We were talking and reflecting on high school. Gosh I was such an idiot and dumb@$$. I still cringe remembering things I did or said. So ashamed. Some of which years later I would rather not disclose or discuss. How can I make my embarrassing and cringeworthy experiences useful


Our experiences and past initiatives are to be learned from. That’s mainstream development open to you and me as well as everybody else.

You and I feel intense pain as we reminisce about our own role, while others don’t look as if they are in pain.

The exact comparison doesn’t matter, everyone has their own gift in their manner of growth.

Excellent question, you are spot on in asking it, we should all ask it at whatever age in life!


Everybody has mistakes, blown associations, and missed opportunities that later give rise to regrets. Like skin cells flaking off our bodies, they come with being human.

The key is to use them to direct our life from then on.



Everyone has moments they’d rather not remember and things they regret. Regretting something means that you know better now. That you’ve learned something the “hard way” so to speak. Regret can be a powerful motivation to avoid certain mistakes and to improve one’s behavior for the future.


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