Making Rosary intentions


Before I start a Rosary, I will offer it for a variety of intentions.

The problem is that I will usually go on and on for a good 5-10 minutes listing various intentions I have for Mary to pray for.

What can I do to reduce the amount of time I spend simply listing intentions?

Pax Tecum


Have you thought of putting them into a little book spread over a week, or even a fortnight…whatever span of time suits. I used to have this problem and problem for me it was as my intentions filled a small book over every day of the year and grew most daily. It got to be one big headache! It does not have to be I dont think…for me however it became that.

Nowadays I pray for those who have asked for my prayers, those who need them and all those for whom I ought to pray. This covers everyone, and everything, no exceptions. Other than that, the intentions at the conclusion of Morning and Evening Prayer in the Daily Prayer from The Divine Office in the course of a year cover absolutely every single intention one could think of and in this way we unite ourselves with the intentions of The Universal Church.



Just say to Mary, “You know all the intentions of my heart. I offer this Rosary for my intentions and yours.” (I always like to pray for Mary’s intentions, since her will is always conformed to the will of God.)


I usually just think of the intentions I am praying the Rosary for while praying it. God knows what is in our hearts.


“Lotus”… I’ve had this dilemma too. I solved it with index cards. lol.

I wrote down my daily and special intentions for each day, and I say them… aloud… in my morning prayers, speaking to Our Lord. Then, later in the day… when I say my other prayers… I just grab my intention card for that day… and set it up, while I pray.

Works for me! :wink:


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