Making the assumption

Would it be weird for me to make the assumption: God is smarter than I am?

Like Christ established a Church, so why would I, on my own start making assuptions about God regardless of whether I’d be correct about my assumptions. Isn’t this the same as testing God or something?

Not an assumption a fact. GOD CREATED HUMAN BEINGS. The Creator is smarter than who He created and always will be. God KNOWS ALL, ALWAYS HAS—ALWAYS WILL!


I understand that. But my question centers on whether it’s appropriate to state: " I’m making the assumption that God is smarter than I am." ?

I’m not even sure I’d say God is smart the way we are. It’s a whole other level.

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One way to test your theory is to attempt to make an omnipotent god. I’ll grant you that many have tried.

Man has absolutely no problem claiming to know the mind of God, what He thinks or why He acts. Thousands are certain they know exactly what God meant when He inspired, by His Holy Spirit., the scripture writers.

However, I have found that it is far better to remain in the realm of reality.

There’s just less money in it.

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