Making the Easter season more nourishing


I got as far as the Parish Line last night and hat to turn around. My mouth was hurting so bad. Was up all night with it so I couldnt make it to Mass today. By the way pray for me that I somehow get a decent job with Insurance soon so I can take care of this. Ouch.

Anwwho, because of the pain I was in I even missed saying the second night of the Novena of the Divine Mercy- Double:( It was one one of those situations where you just don’t want to move.

However the Easter Season is 40 days I think just like Lent. I am going to try to make it truly a Season this year. Doing things such as contiunuing to do the Novena and participate in Divne Mercy Sunday to its fullest.

Question- What do others here do to make the Easter Season more nourshing for you. Readings , Devotions , etc. I am thinking of taking a 40 day Lenton Chruch Father reading plan I saw on the nets and make it a 40 day Easter Chruch Reading plan

Feast, devotions coming up etc. Just curious what people do


I’ll pray for you. That reading plan sounds like a good idea!! Happy Easter!

Thank you for your prayers

Here is the reading plan if you are interersted

Is there an Easter version or can it be used for Lent too?

There very well might be one. I think this was compiled by an average guy so it can be used for Easter too

ow, that kind of pain hurts your whole body, I hope you can get things taken care of by tomorrow, before it becomes a real emergency. praying for you.

I’ll say a prayer for you. But consider taking care of this medical problem now before it gets worse! You can always put it on your credit card and pay it off gradually, or see what kind of financial assistance or payment plan your doctor/dentist can help you with. I got 1/3 off my hospital bill for paying in full. Maybe you could get something similar. Or you could look into getting an individual insurance plan (may not be as great as one from an employer, but sure beats nothing!).

And by the way, I’m sure your physical suffering and the disappointment you felt at not being able to go to Mass was worth a lot more to Jesus than some of the twice-a-year-catholic pew warmers showing up and going through the motions without much thought.

You can double up on the prayers of the Divine Mercy Novena today to make up for the day you missed - I do that if I forget a day of a novena.

And please do get your mouth checked out!

One of the prayers that is said during the Easter season is the Regina Coeli. It is substituted for the Angelus…here’s the story behind it, plus a link to the words in Latin and in English.

Hope you feel better now!

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