Making the Sign of the Cross when driving past a Catholic Church


We were always raised that if you were in a vehicle and you passed in front of a Catholic Church you made the Sign of the Cross to show Jesus reverence and honor because He is present there. We still do this in my family and now even if I pass on the side of or can see a Catholic Church when I am in a vehicle I make the Sign of the Cross.

Do any of you do that?

A funny story. I was going shopping and eating out with some co-workers who are all Baptists. Well we passed a few Catholic Churches and I made the Sign of the Cross at each one. My friend asked me why. I told her because Jesus Himself is there in the Catholic Church and we make the Sign of the Cross to show Him reverence and honor. She said well why don’t you do that in front of every Church. I explained that we believe He is only truly really present in the Catholic Church, 24/7 because of consecration by a priest and the bread and wine became His body and blood. I told her no other Church could say that. Well of course she disagreed.
Now the funny part. We were headed back home and I guess I was talking and didn’t realize we passed in front of a Catholic Church and she said You forgot to make the Sign of the Cross. I told her yep I sure did. I should have done that. These same Baptist ladies will NOT believe that Jesus drank wine even though it’s in the Bible. They say it was really grape juice.


I was taught by the Nuns, many moons ago to always make the Sign of the Cross when passing by a Catholic Church whether walking, riding or driving. It is the show of respect/reverence for the presence of the Blessed Sacrament in the Church.


Yes, and also when I hear a siren, and pass by a cemetary.


Absolutely Katie, that also.


Yes :slight_smile: Going past the church i think of Jesus in the tabernacle and make a sign of the cross say a prayer,sign of the cross and prayer for the holy souls passing by a cemetery and when there’s a siren I say a prayer for who ever is involved.
Growing up as we lived out of town we would always
pay a visit to Jesus in the tabernacle before we began
chores around the town.
These are practices of devotion my parents taught,their parents before them and so on.


Yes because of the reserved sacrament; both Catholic and Orthodox churches.


My family does it. One time I made the Sign of the Cross when we drove past a Lutheran church by mistake and my brother made fun of me for it :joy:


Yes. And yes. Those nuns taught us well.


and when I pass by a car accident or somone pulled over by the police…any time a quick prayer is needed.


I try to do this, but don’t always.

Also, insert lament here for the fact that many Catholic church buildings these days don’t look distinctively Catholic from the outside. There are a few of those around here, including my own parish, St. Mary’s (and actually we’re in the midst of a massive renovation project). Although one of them, St. Francis de Sales parish, has a cool “city on a hill” motif going on – it’s perched on top of a giant hill overlooking I-68, at Exit 1 (US 119). It’s especially visible if you’re headed westbound on 68, toward its end at I-79 – look to your left as you approach the exit.


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