Making the TLM part of your every day life

I’ve got a few ideas to make the TLM part of your every day life.

First: Pray the propers of the day with a spiritual communion. Go through the Ordinary of the Mass and say the Prayers at the foot of the altar (make the confession a personal one, and skip the prayers when the priest is going to the altar), then say the introit, the kyrie, the gloria (if perscribed), the collect(s), the epistle, the gospel, the credo (if perscribed), then say the Offertory Verse, then the Secret, the preface (ex. Preface of the Most Holy Trinity), the Sanctus, then say the Pater Noster, then the Agnus Dei, then make an act of spiritual communion, then say the Communion Verse, say the Postcommunion, say “Benedicamus Domino” “Deo Gratias”. Then say the Last Gospel.

Second: If you do not know anything about the TLM I would suggest going through a missal and reading the entire mass, keep in mind the gestures of the priest, you may even want to do the things that the priest is told to do for a deeper understanding.

I hope these are good suggestions…please reply.

I was fortunate enough to live in a local that offered the TLM every single day. Hopefully, more folks will be able to say the same.

Are these good suggestions though? I know that I do them.

Sure, that’s what some folks used to do if they couldn’t go to Mass. I’ve heard about it especially for soldiers in times of war. Also, I would recommend that people who are unfamiliar with the TLM should indeed do some homework. Get a missal that does some explaination of what is going on and read it.

Very good information. When I decided to go to TLM I bought the little red missal at the Catholic bookstore…they are the ones in the church…and studied it carefully. I learned what was what…where the priest was at any given time and what he would be doing. After becoming a little familiar, I went to my first TLM…after 40+ years. I was surprised at how easily I was able to follow along. Then I went and bought a 1962 Missal. Every night I get the ribbons in the “right” places for the next day’s Mass and as I do, I read the paryers and the readings. It will be as easy as pie after a short time…IMO.


Good. I just don’t want to do anything that the church forbids. Some of the prayers of the mass are so sacred, I don’t know if I should use them in my daily life like I explaned in my origional post.

I don’t see anything which the church forbids in your notes. You have a perfect right to use some of the prayers in the TLM outside of Mass; after all, God, through his many saints and Popes, gave us this beautiful gift for us to enjoy.

There’s nothing wrong with praying–in fact, it’s completely right, especially if you are praying official prayers of the Church.

That being said, the graces that are received by actually being present at Mass or Divine Liturgy and receiving Holy Communion (or not), no matter what use or rite, are greater than those of private prayer. If you only have the opportunity to do one or the other, I would go to Holy Mass.

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