Making your own Paschal candle


Just curious to see if anyone does this…
I found a kit for making your own paschal candle and then that sorta sparked my interest so I did a google search and found lots of ideas. I just wasn’t sure if it was ok to do this or not. If it was, I was considering making one (even though it would be a day or two late:o) and then placing it on my home altar. What ya think?

BTW, here’s the link to the kit I found.


I think it is a sensational idea! :slight_smile:


What a grand idea, especially for personal devotions and homescholing!

Just one aside: be careful of calling a home shrine and “altar.” An altar, strictly speaking, is a mensa, reserved for churches.


Thanks for your replies. I always forget and call it an “altar”! I try to remember when talking about it and call it a prayer corner or shrine, but altar always seems to slip out!:o

Thanks again!


I didn’t mean to nitpick, I just didn’t want a whole thread no that topic alone!:smiley: Ha!


No problem! I completely understand how “hot” topics can get around here even if you don’t mean for them too!:p:D:p

But it does get interesting at times!:wink:


I love the idea. Let us know how it turns out.


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