Malachi Martin Book Recomendations?

Has anyone read any of the books that Martin has written ?
If so - what title would you recommend ?

Hostage to the Devil I think is by him.

None of them.

"“In 1965, Mr. Martin received a dispensation from all privileges and obligations deriving from his vows as a Jesuit and from priestly ordination.” [Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life, 25 June 1997, Prot. N. 04300/65]."

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I must admit, years ago I would read some of his books. I would not recommend his books. If you have the tendency to tradionalism, like me, his novels might drive you off the edge. His non-fiction books are sensationalism, you never know what parts are true or gross exaggerations.


In my opinion he went off the deep end in his beliefs. Avoid.

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I’ve only read Hostage to the Devil. I’m hoping to read more of his works. Especially non fiction works like The Encounter, which may be relevant to the Philosophy section.

I bought The Jesuits -

I know he was a Jesuit - etc
I know he was controversial too -
After listening to various interviews - topics -
thought it’d be fun to see / read - his presentation.

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