Malachi Martin - Please explain from a Catholic Perspective


Hello everyone - I am looking into the writings of Malachi Martin (moreso than before) and some things are shocking me (or even me).

What are responses to his writings from a Catholic point of view?

Is his “fiction” fiction? What is true and what is not? Does this concern anyone?

Thank you for your time and I look forward to your comments.


Well, just incase no one wants to reply (I should have searched and read before I posted), I did find:


I tend not to trust much of what Malachi Martin wrote.
He would make outlandish claims but never cite verifiable sources most of the time.

In my opinion, his two best books were,
Hostage to the Devil (on exorcism) and
The Jesuits (which detailed the spiritual decline of many Jesuits in recent decades).

A lot of the other stuff, I suspect, was some truth mixed in with a lot of exxageration.

I one time wrote him a letter asking for a source for a claim he made in THE KEYS OF THIS BLOOD, and he wrote me back a polite but evasive letter and, of course, was unable to give me a source for his claim.

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Hello Jaypeeto4 thank you for your response. It would be interesting to see/read your inquiry and his response. Any chance you could post it or the particular evasive response?

I guess it is one thing to say this is fact or this is nonfiction but from what I understand he says or insinuates that it is truth but under the guise of fiction -


Hi malachi_a_serv,
The letter is somewhere pressed between the pages of one of my many hundreds of Catholic books. I would have to tear the house apart looking for it. But I remember the gist of it.
In THE KEYS OF THIS BLOOD, Malachi Martin claimed that Martin Luther was a member of an occult secret society and that he engaged in Occult rituals. Though I’m NO FAN of Luther, I was shocked by that claim, and wrote to him asking him for documentation. As best as I can recall, his letter went like this:

**Dear Mr. D…

I am prostrate on the floor with regret for not replying to you sooner.
We do not know much about the secret society to which Luther belonged, but we do know that he belonged to such a society and that he, Luther, engaged in Occult Rites.

his signature,
and a + under his signature.**
It was a short letter, with no documentation to back up his claim other than to RE-ASSERT the claim, and I was very disappointed in him after that.
God bless,


Here’s the linking of Martin Luther to an occult “secret society”, the Rosicrucians:

This is Martin Luther’s seal.


The authors of the Rosicrucian works generally favoured Lutheranism. However, the relationship between Lutheranism and the Rosicrucians is ambiguous, but some have suggested a connection: Rosicrucian documents denounce the hypocrisy in the Catholic Church of those times; the symbol of Martin Luther is a cross inside an open rose; and, from May 1521 until March 1522, Luther stayed at the Wartburg Castle southwest of the Thuringian forest, where Rosenkreuz* is said to have been born.

*Rosenkreuz is the legendary founder of the occult “secret society” of the Rosicrucian Order.

This is probably the connection Malachi Martin had, and ran with it. Was Martin Luther a member? Who knows - it was secret society, after all!


Well, while I disagree (of course) with much that Luther taught and regard some of it as heresy, I have never seen anything like Rosicrucianism in his writings.

I am very familiar with Rosicrucian beliefs, as I have books published by AMORC, the largest Rosicrucian order in the United States. Just google AMORC, and you’ll be taken to a link to their website.

Rosicrucian beliefs are indeed esoteric, extremely racist, and are extremely close to the beliefs held by the Nazi Party of Germany.
They believe that Jesus was not THE son of God, but A son of God, an “Avatar.” In their book THE MYSTICAL LIFE OF JESUS, they state openly that Jesus was NOT a Jew and COULD NOT HAVE BEEN A JEW because Jesus was an “Avatar” and all avatars must have PURE ARYAN BLOOD in their veins and that the Jewish people do not have worthy blood for one of them to be an Avatar. This is a purely Satanic belief and is as racist
as all hell. To call Jesus “the Aryan Gentile,” as the Rosicrucians do, is a blasphemy of the first order, denying completely God’s promise that the Savior of the World would spring forth from the blessed Children of Israel.

Moreover, the copies of the Rosicrucian literature are full of swastikas and chock full of occult doctrine. Thank God
Rosicrucianism is a very small movement and not very politically active. It is a thorough pagan and anti-Christian (true Christianity that is) Society, and racially anti-Semitic in it’s beliefs that Jews are inherently unworthy of being messengers of God because they have blood that is not “pure Aryan blood.”

I have never seen such teachings in the writings of Luther.
And the heart inside the Rose was said by Luther himself
to signify the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

God bless,


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