Malachi Martin Vs. Medjugorje

Sorry, I’m not too sure where to post this as I am new to these forums, But I have heard that Malachi Martin opposed Medjugorje. Does anyone know his reasoning for opposing Medjugorje?

And what are the arguements against and for Medjugorje? I still havent made up my mind about it and i would like to learn more,

Right now I think some people may oppose Medjiugorje simply for the fact that the Vatican hasn’t approved of the apparitions. I don’t know much about these apparations other than the fact that they are still going on and the Vatican will not reach a conclusion to approve or disapprove of them until the apparitions have stopped and have been reviewed.

There is something interesting about it . . .here.

At the top of my list the local bishop has declared nothing supernatural has occurred there.

I don’t know Malachi Martin’s opinion though.

Discussions and/or promotions of unapproved private revelations/apparitions are one of the Banned Topics here at CAF and this thread is now closed.

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