Malaysia Airlines plane 'could have landed'


The missing Malaysia Airlines plane could have landed somewhere, a former aviation executive has claimed.

Paul Charles, the former director of Virgin Atlantic, said the scenario was “farfetched” but “possible.”

Flight MH370, which had 239 on board, disappeared on Saturday without sending a distress signal.


Unfortunately, a debris field may have been spotted


Not implausible considering the small islands in that region, mostly a British territory, an archipelago and the Maldives along with some smaller Indonesian islands. It could’ve landed there without any country catching on.


How many places have approximately five miles of flat ground where such a behemoth could land undetected?



this has pretty much been ruled out. It is 99.99999999999999999% likely that this plane crashed.


why would there be no contact for 4+ days if this landed?

plus a large plane like the 777 can’t just land on any random island, most private airports can’t even handle large jet aircrafts like that. The only way a plane that size could land on an island is if for a couple miles there was a straight path with no obstructions anywhere. It is just to unlikely that this could happen.


Im not sure what to think about this, Ive been watching the news about it every day, and not sure what to believe, they claim the peoples cell phones are still working, as people have called them and they ring and then go to voicemail, if they had been destroyed, they would go right to voicemail, like they were turned off…??

On my Android phone, I can go to any of my contacts, hit the ‘latitude’ button, and it will bring up a map and pinpoint where this contact is currently at, it uses the phones GPS to do this…why cant they do the same for the passengers phones?

Besides that, Im sure the plane itself had a much more powerful GPS system, so not sure why they claim they cannot find it. GPS will work whether its at the bottom of the ocean of crashed on some remote island.

I dont think it crashed landed on land anywhere, because someone would see such a HUGE plane going down, somewhere along the way, there is nowhere that remote!

The more I think about this, I have a sneaky feeling there may be more to this than we think…I think it could be some kind of new weapon being tested, either by terrorists, or some rogue group, maybe some kind of EMP type weapon, or something similar…??

The facts are…if it crashed into ANY body of water, plane parts are designed and light enough to float, but there are no mass floating debris fields as of yet, if it had crashed on land, there would have been an explosion, but Govt satellites say there was no explosion detected in any area the plane could have crashed…???

So what possibilities does this leave?

Could it be possible it was indeed hijacked and it is being held somewhere secretly? but GPS should still be able to tell us where it is though if this was true…right? Maybe GPS and ALL tracking devices were disabled?

IDK, the more I think about, the stranger it seems to me.


What I find hard to understand about this is the transponder which lets ATC where the plane is. I have a hard time understanding how a plane can have its transponder switched off by the pilot in a post 9/11 world. Are there not other ways that the plane can be tracked that the pilot can’t shut off?


on the 777 it is a simple turning of a switch. I believe on the transponder there are multiple modes for the transponder, one of which is off.

you can track a plane by radar as well but radar in that part of the world is spotty at best. IT is possible they only got transponder signals while over the water. Something catastrophic happened on the plane which cause the transponder to turn off. (fire, structural damage, terrorism) after they they had no idea what happened to the plane.


There are multiple issues. One a GPS needs power to run, so even if a plane is being tracked via GPS if it loses power they will lose that track. There is a reason when you turn on your phone GPS or some GPS device it takes a second to locate it.

Planes are tracked by transponders, those only work with power and if the switch is on. A loss of all electoral power would shut it off.

the black box does send out a signal for 30 days after a crash, but at the bottom of a sea floor it can be difficult to find.

a fuselage would sink other plane parts wouldn’t, but even that is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. The gulf they are looking for it in is huge, the parts they are looking for could be as big as a mobile home or as small as an iPad, we don’t know the impact the water had on a plane when it hit.

I don’t think it is an emp weapon, there have been flights in the past that have disappeared with no distress calls or no signs of trouble.


The possibility the plane landed is in the spectrum of possibility, but has about the same possibility that it was sucked into outer space by a tractor beam of an alien craft. Anything is possible but there comes a point at which you’re pretending because you want to.

As far as the transponder being switched off on any plane and why you have to be able to turn them on and off, you do not turn your transponder on (called squaking) until you begin to taxi to the runway. The reason it must be able to be turned off is that if they were always on, at an airport there would be so much ground clutter on radar you wouldn’t be able to tell what was going on if you were air traffic control.

As far as why the cell phones ring before going to voice mail, when the last ping was far outside its home area you will get a ring signal while the phone system routs the call to the area to see if the phone is on or not. The victims’ families have had this explained to them numerous times but they refuse to accept it.


No, the wreckage would not float. Broken metal pieces won’t do that.

There would still be seat cushions, baggage, etc floating, but such bits would be so sparse that it would indeed take some time to find.



I heard this mentioned by a news source (can’t recall which) earlier. They said that they found it curious that China waited this long to show the satellite image of whatever it was in the water. I also find that curious. Are there any plausible reasons why they would do that?


I think it would be best to wait for the official reports. I just feel for the relatives and the loved ones of the passengers. For every day that passes, the more anxious and emotional they get. I don’t trust all of this conspiracy theories regarding the plane’s disappearance.


In this day and age of high security, why have they not put better tracking devices on planes? Seems like a no-brainer to me, unless they exaggerate our high technology.

Most plane parts are aluminum, which will float, plus after this many days, the floating debris field would be MASSIVE and spread out all over.

The NRO (National Reconnisence Organization) has the ability to spot ANY and ALL air traffic all over the world at any time…I wonder why they are not being asked about this. I watched a news program about this agency last month, it was only recently admitted such an agency even exists! According to the person being interviewed, this agency has abilities that seem impossible, He said they have crystal clear pictures of every spot on the planet (taken from space) at ALL times of the day!!! WOW, but I wonder what else they can do, since it is unlikely they would tell everything they can do on national tv!!


So, what are the chances it was hijacked? Maybe taken by pirates.:shrug:



planes have multiple tracking devices

the black box sends transmissions after it crashes, the transponder when on sends signals. It has a GPS in it (I don’t know if that can be used to find it but after it crashed that no longer works)

there is no reason to add something on a plane that can’t be turned off. As it said at an airport with hundreds of planes on the ground it would be impossible to distinguish between planes sitting at a gate and planes taxing for takeoff.


Perhaps somewhere, but Rolls-Royce, the engine manufacturer, is now reporting that the engines, which send their own signals to their manufacturer, ran for 4-5 hours after the transponder signal was lost. This would seem to make a diversion scenario more likely.


They said this report was false in a press conference earlier today.


I’m surprised nobody has come up with this as a theory:

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