MALAYSIA - Malaysia to draw up rules to regulate the importation of Christian materials [AN]


Airports and customs will use new operating procedures to monitor imports. This comes after a Christian clergyman had his materials seized in late October. Customs officials say they took them away because they were bulky and heavy. Christian pastor says it was because they contained the word ‘Allah’.



Why exactly would a Christian text have the word allah in it?


It would probably have been a Christian book about evangelising Moslems.

We tend to focus on combating atheism in our Western societies, as we are alarmed by the humanist traits that are becoming so prevalent - homosexual recognition, abortion on demand, the “sex industry”, euthanasia, legislative discrimination against Christianity and the Church, and so on.

In actual fact, the next big religious and ideological battle will be with the Moslems. It will have all the elements of the Cold War, and at times will break out into Hot Wars.

It already has for that matter, but there’s a lot more to come yet. And our humanist weakened societies will find that a very tough fight.


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