Malaysia: protests planned outside churches on Sunday; priest burned in effigy [CC]


Malaysia’s largest political party, the United Malays National Organization, has planned Sunday protests outside churches in Selangor, one of the nation’s 13 states, according to Malaysian …



All this because Muslims do not want their own becoming Christians.

Personally, I love the term “Allah,” meaning not “God,” but “The God.”

I hope the Christian usage of “Allah” becomes legal again soon, for
if “Allah” is the chisel breaking the barrier between Christianity and
Islam and save Muslims, then it is very important for Christians to
use “Allah.”

Allahu Akbar


It seems very doubtful to me that we would call God “Allah”, because we see the First Person of the Blessed Trinity as a loving Father.


…You shall known them by their fruits…

A religion founded on hatred will produce more hatred.


Irrelevant, for like the CatholicCulture site said, “Christians in Malaysia have been using
the term since the seventeenth century.” Christians call God ‘God’ because God is God.

“God,” of course, is an English word, so English speakers say “God.” The Greek used
in John 1 in reference to God the Father is “Ton Theon,” meaning literally “The God,” &
what is the Arabic equivalent of “The God?” “Allah.”

The fact that the “First Person of the Blessed Trinity” is “a loving Father”
has nothing to do with whether Arabic speaking Christians would use the
word “Allah” or not.


Thank you for the clarification.


This form of intolerance seems to be a relatively new phenomena among Malaysia’s Muslims.
If Catholics and Christians persist, people are going to die.

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