Malaysian Airlines Jet Shot Down By Missile Near Ukraine-Russia Border


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90 children of the 295. Very sad for all. Prayers.


Why the he$$ would someone shoot down a passenger airplane?? :mad:

Receive the departed into your kingdom- O Lord.


Word is coming out they, who shot it, thought it was probably a Ukraine airliner. Likewise some are asking the question as to why this plane would be going through that area.

1 reason: Money one person said, Malaysian air may not be the most lucrative operation.

Bad story, have to see what the repercussions are.


They thought it was a military cargo plane CNN stated bout 30- minutes ago. I didn’t hear about the children till here, sad. Did Russia say something about don’t fly in our air space? CNN said 295 but nothing on children and no Americans.


Already being discussed here:


Does anyone actually have indubitable evidence that the Rebels have the sort of equipment to shoot down a passenger jet? Given its flight path the plane would have been at cruising altitude, which is ft30,000. The Rebels haven’t been able to shoot a single Ukrainian jet down since the conflict began, which fly at far lower altitudes when on the offensive.

I’m having trouble believing the Rebels shot it down.


The US claims so and CNN reported it, apparently Obama discussed this before the plane was shot down. I don’t know about links I just turned it on as I heard about it on the phone by my brother.

What they are worried about is the scene being tampered with.


I have heard that, according to the flight manifest, 23 Americans were aboard. Our ever ready State Department has not commented pro or con.


Thanks for correcting me, a Military Cargo Plane. Something of that nature.

I think they are saying 23 Americans are among the dead.

Sounds like a businessman’s flight as well.


Right, they backed off on the US on the flight till confirmation from Malaysia I’m hearing and no US family called in to confirm.


Only the big boys could shoot something down at that altitude. Someone like Russia, and I don’t mean the rebels.


Earlier information also stated the pro Russian rebels obtained a weapons system to use, where it was fired from exactly is what they are working on.


Ukraine claims the weapons system was taken by pro Russian separatists two weeks ago and this conversation took place earlier than the actual shooting. Putin said Ukraine is responsible.

Intercepted phone conversation by Russia and the separatists is being reported. Official US position is they don’t know yet. Its apparently already being looted at the scene now reported. Hard to imagine good people taking pieces of the plane. Who could have done it? Both have surface to air as do the separatists. Russia has some explaining to do?


The most sophisticated field handheld SAMs have a maximum range of 23000ft.


“This is not the kind of weapon a couple of guys are going to pull out of a garage and fire,”


He said of the passengers that have been identified there were:

154 Dutch nationals, 27 Australians, 23 Malaysians, 11 Indonesians
Six Britons, four Germans, four Belgians, three from the Philippines and one Canadian
All 15 of the crew were Malaysian
Other airlines have announced they are now avoiding eastern Ukraine.


Where did you hear that information, Mary? I heard just the opposite: that no Americans were aboard. If they were, that could have some really bad repercussions. Regardless, it is quite a tragedy.


I have been listening to Fox News - sorry those folks who hate Faux. However, as I have learned, they are the most current and accurate in most cases. They do make mistakes.
I did, interestingly enough, hear a report on Fox, true or not, don’t hold me accountable. Russia said that Putin has an airplane, I guess comparable to ourAir Force #! that the opposing forces, what ever the hell that means, wanted to shoot down Putin’s plane and instead it caught the other Mayasian plane.

I am more concerned about Israel - God’s chosen people, if folks believe that. I think my mother said that when all the Jewish people accepted Jesus Christ, things would come to a glorious END.

I have never told anyone this before - I dreamed about the end of the world happening before I died! Nuts I know!


Welcome to the forum, thats an interesting post. I suppose we will hear this story spun six ways till Sunday. :slight_smile: Deny, deny is the historic path till confronted with glaring evidence.

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