Malaysian plane shot down in Ukraine: What happened?


One would think this story would be commanding a bit more attention.


It seems to be getting plenty of coverage on tv and radio.
The israeli/gaza conflict and illegal migrants at the border are the other 2 big stories competing for attention.


Well, let us begin to discuss this sad situation.

The data so far seems to indicate that pro-Russian military forces have been directly or indirectly involved in the destruction of this Malaysian Airlines assenter plane.


It seems to be getting plenty of coverage on tv and radio.
The israeli/gaza conflict and illegal migrants at the border are the other 2 big stories competing for attention.


I heard there were some scientists who we’re going to Australia for a conference on AIDS.


Not sure why my first post was duplicated but this is a tragic story

I find it sad that the crime scene is not properly being preserved and the bodies just laid there for 24 hours or more without properly being removed with dignity.

I read stories of people from the village of seeing the bodies falling from the sky along with plane parts. One body fell through the roof of a house. Fortunately I don’t think anyone on the ground was killed.

Very strange that 2 Malaysian planes have been involved in 2 mysterious incidents in 5 months!


Do you think these pro-Russian military forces are getting military support from Putin and Moscow?


Can you provide this “data”? How do we know that it wasn’t the anti-Russian Ukrainian military that shot down the airliner? Did anyone come out with a statement claiming responsibility?


Are you being serious???


I don’t know if this is fact but supposedly Putin was on a plane following the same path about 40 minutes after plane was shot down.
Was it an assasination attempt? This might have been a conspiracy theory. The drudge report has a lot of stories related to the crash.


Neither do I but I read the same thing. The coordinates were close.
It sounds strange Putin’s plane would fly over such zone,but that was what the report said.


Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash: Why was a passenger plane flying over a conflict zone


“It basically looks like one of the biggest, or the biggest, crime scene in the world right now, guarded by a bunch of guys in uniform with heavy fire power, who are quite inhospitable,” said Michael Bociurkiw of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, which sent a special monitoring mission to the crash site on Friday.

I read this and I ask if the OECD Europe should be saying such things?

This is assuming that it was a purposeful shooting down. Yet it was a conflict zone:

The Federal Aviation Administration and other national civil aviation authorities had yet to designate the area where the Malaysian aircraft was shot down as part of the conflict zone in Ukraine, according to Schiavo.

“They hadn’t defined it as a stay-away area” even though there was violence in the region, she said.

Where previously and recently military planes had been shot down.

So the fault lies here with several people - the rebels but also FAA and other organisations for not blocking access to a region were conflict is going, and conflict such that aircraft get shot down.

And anyone can make a mistake. Even a state-of-the-art US AEGIS cruise shot down an Iranian civilian airliner by mistake. I don’t think anyone was calling the crash site a “crime scene” except for perhaps the Iranians and those with anti-US sentiment. Can’t organisantions try to keep up a pretense of objectivity at least?

If anything can be learned from this is that civil aviation authorities have to be far more vigilant. If there is a conflict zone and it involves any aircraft and technology which is remotely capable of shooting down an airliner at 30,000 ft then that area is off limits for airliners. Rather safe, then sorry.


What amazes me most about this tragedy is knowing that a passenger liner would actually fly through a war zone where aircraft were recently shot down.

                        As a political issue, the Separatists and Russia stand to be the big losers on this one. They have absolutely nothing to gain from deliberately shooting down a passenger liner.


Its a common flight path. Whoever shot it down wouldn’t know what type of plane is was at 30 thousand feet. What we do know is 38 bodies were taken and are missing. The area is restricted by rebels and the black boxes were removed. The black boxes would remove some dis-information for sure. Only 75-minutes have been given to the investigation of the scene. These issues further inhibit the bodies from being correctly removed and cared for. For sure the handling of the sight is despicable.

Further the weather was spotty the time of the incident so variance in path flight isn’t uncommon, also from the plane downward visibility isn’t good.

FAA warned about flying the path but no restriction was given and as we see many ignored the warning.

They are just starting to move the bodies…now. All the area has been previously picked through including the bodies.


“How can Putin really manage this?” Pavlovsky went on. “You’d need to be an amazing conductor. Stalin was an amazing conductor in this way. Putin can’t quite pull off this trick. The audience is warmed up and ready to go; it is wound up and waiting for more and more conflict. You can’t just say, ‘Calm down.’ It’s a dangerous moment. Today, forty per cent of Russia wants real war with Ukraine. Putin himself doesn’t want war with Ukraine. But people are responding to this media machine. Putin needs to lower the temperature.”

And on the subject of Australia - delegates at a global Aids conference have vowed to renew efforts to end the deadly disease[AIDS] in honour of the commitment of colleagues killed when the plane came down.

Tony Abbott, Australia’s prime minister, was strong in his condemnation of Russia.
He said Russia could not “wash its hands of responsibility” for the Malaysia Airlines crash in Ukraine as flags flew at half-mast to honour the Australians killed.





11.15 Reporters on the scene of the crash are tweeting about the problems facing the investigation teams.

OSCE team arrives at #MH17 site. Rebels say they won’t let them through and block off site. OSCE makes to leave, then rebels change minds.

masked men just showed up at crash site in an emergency services vehicle from Khartsyzk

11.02 A spokesman for Ukraine’s Security Council has just said that the black boxes had not been handed over to Kiev and he had no information about them.
Andriy Lysenko told a news conference:

We have no information on the black boxes. Not one of them has been handed over to the Ukrainian side.

“Black Boxs” Any theories?

None of this is acceptable nor in the way this crime scene is handled. Separatists obviously have taken control of the area. Criminals guarding there own crime scene you think?

Who knows where they took the “bodies”. The innocent people.


How could the crash site not be a crime scene? The plane was shot out of the sky. The passengers and crew were murdered.
The whole scene needs to be investigated properly.


The Ukraine military has by their own admission shot down domestic flights in the past.


This should be a good good story coming out of Moscow. I would suggest the same people who have control of the crime scene and moved the bodies, moved the Black Boxes, and the missal system unit. And their control over this and handling is very telling.


I was listening this morning to tv and they were saying it might have been to save fuel. A conspiracy theory said the pilot diverted.
The plane was 1000 feet above the no fly zone. Maybe they thought they were safe. British Airways had changed its route.
A woman who lost her husband on the malaysian flight in march believes these 2 incidents are related.
That’s why the proper investigative team needs to be sent in NOW!!!

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