male and female

how do we truly define these?

i’ve often seen people say on here that men and women are equal but have different roles. but how exactly does that play out in reall life?

now there are people who will give you lists of things they think are “male activities” or “female activities” which shouldn’t be done by the opposite sex but i get the impression that that’s not really the point.

any thoughts?

Okay - first of all, there are things that women can do that no man can do, and there are things that men can do that no woman can do. For instance, no man can ever bear or nurse a child; we are biologically incapable of doing so. No woman can ever be a priest in the Catholic Church because of the priest acting in persona Christi and the fact that Jesus was a man. Men and women generally think differently and have different ways of solving problems. Men and women socialize differently. And men and women have different physiologies. But, in the end, men and women need each other and are complimentary to each other.

How do we define male and female? Well, the anatomy is usually pretty clear. Even before birth the doc can tell the expectant mom whether she’s expecting a boy or a girl.

What roles do they have? Most generally, males have the role of dad and females have the role of mom.

This may be a good time to be grammatically picky. Men and women are, unfortunately, not always complimentary.
However, they are always complementary.

I saw a bumper sticker today that said “MAN ENOUGH TO BE A NURSE” Traditionally nursing has been a female job. So it is sort of unusual to have men doing this occupation.:shrug:

It’s our physical bodies, the way we think and process things, hormones that make men more aggressive and women more nurturing, women are more sensitive and emotional, men are more analytical and less emotional, etc. it’s how our bodies are hardwired from conception. Men have more muscle mass and can do more heavy manual type labor etc. women are not made for heavy lifting and hard manual labor. But we do complement each other. What men lack women have and what women lack men have. :slight_smile: This is all in general of course, there are exceptions. Women are just as smart as men, but we use our intelligence differently from each other. I don’t want to be like a man and I don’t want men to be like women, be who you are. I disagree with those who say a woman can do anything a man can do, I can’t do everything a man can do and don’t want to. :wink:

I’ve seen women driving big 18-wheelers, but have always thought “something was wrong with that picture!”:shrug:

I agree with that LOL but those women are usually more ‘manly’ than most men I know, so at home, Im betting they are the ‘man’ of the relationship LOL

Or perhaps both the ‘man’ and ‘woman’ of a single parent home.:shrug:

LOL Yup! :slight_smile:

I agree with that LOL but those women are usually more ‘manly’ than most men I know, so at home, Im betting they are the ‘man’ of the relationship LOL

What if that’s the only job they were able to get or just get enjoyment out of?

It’s not like they’re harming anyone.

I don’t understand the point of ridiculing them, as if they’re some social misfits and weirdos for choosing a job that is associated with burly men.

Never said they are harming anyone or social misfits or weirdos. It is just unusual, much the same as nursing is for a man. You just don’t expect it.:shrug: It is unusual that Danica Patrick is a champion race car driver, also an occupation you usually associate with men. More power to her if she gets her kicks from it! (I had an aunt who was a semi-driver before she met and married one of my uncles).

my hubby thinks that cleaning up puke of any kind is the wife’s job.
btw… i am one of those women that wanted to drive the open roads, then i figured out i cant back up anything using a side mirror. that took me out of being a trucker.:stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a stay at home dad and have learned a lot about abilities I never thought I had because of it. Apparently, I am a bit of an intuitive cook and can change diapers like pulling a cloth out from under a set table. :slight_smile:

But I am still the father. And my wife is the mother. This is apparent in the way our two little girls act towards us. They naturally have a different relationship with each of us because we each did certain things naturally when they were so young and still do. Mom nursed them, heck, gave them a warm place to grow for nine months, so they naturally gravitate to Mom when they want some comfort. That is the really the big one.

I think that male and female in our day and age has turned largely away from traditional “roles”. I have no reason to believe that one of my girls won’t go into a math based career, or become a truck driver. My oldest loves dinosaurs and spiderman and I see no problems with it. But they will never be a father.

Addmitedly, I was a little jealous about them preferring their mother when it comes to basic comforts (after I spend all day with you, you can’t need me a little more) but the mother-child relationship is so beautiful, so naturally basic and basically natural. Don’t get me wrong, I am raising two little daddy’s girls. But Mom is Mom - she earned it! :wink:

My wife thinks cleaning up puke or disposing of dirty diapers (such as those of our youngest grandchild) is MY job. The granddaughter is just turned 4 and is still learning potty training. So has those occasional “accidents”:thumbsup:

I think it’s really just down to the allosomes at this point. As others have said the seperation of activities by gender (outside of biological necessity) have to a large extent fallen by the wayside. Female soldiers, male nurses, are just two examples.


My husband and I both served in the US Navy. He was in medical and I was a ship driver. Less than 7% females in my job. However, protecting my ship and shipmates was quite natural, when you think about it. Even female animals protect home and family. Our ship was our home and my shipmates were my family.

We both got out and he is in the civilian medical field while I stay on the farm and manage the cattle herd. I also stay home with our son, so to speak, even if that means we are out fixing fences, planting, cleaning stalls, etc…

Non-traditional, but it works for us.


Because you are falling into individualism. Skye mention that what she said is generally speaking there are always exceptions and she is right. Individuals are different and you can’t expect every human being to be the same or like and dislike the same things. You cannot accuse someone who doesnt fit the generality as weird because it may not be it may be just that they are different and they are adapting to their individual circumstances. The fact that a few women like to drive 18 wheelers doesn’t mean there is something wrong with them, means that humans are different from each other and you can’t expect everyone to be the same. Automatically assuming that there is something wrong with the picture without knowing the person more is strictly assign societal roles to people (and making generalisations) which is not good. However, the main point is how many women do actually like to drive 18 wheelers? Very very few so you can’t create rules based on a small minority.

I personally know a girl that she is 6’4" and does martial arts. She is probably stronger than many man and can do things most men can and some that even average and smaller men cannot, but how many women do you find like her? Very few so you can’t go by what she can do because most women are not six four. But again people come in all shapes and ways and she just has an individualized situation and she has adapted her world to her circumstances and that doesn’t mean there is something inherently wrong with her.

My hubby seems to think anything dealing with cars or outdoor work is something I should do.

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