Male depression

Do you think my husband is depressed or do you think it is something else?

What would you do?

tells me he is so far from where he should be in life (success wise)?
chain smoker
never wants to make love
spends most of his off time out in the garage tinkering around, smoking and talking to our neighbor instead of in with me and our son.
emotionally unavailable to me
never wants to talk about anything serious
never around
bases life value around material goods
sleeps until late in the afternoon on days off
addicted to porn

I am starting to take these things personally and it is making me upset, but then he turns it around and says I am attacking him and he makes it all my problem.

Anyone been through this? We have been married almost 5 years and have a newborn (3 month old)

M’am I’d say depression is not the only issue.

He seems to show some signs of the male “mid life crisis” (BTDT), but I’m sure he is mid life? At mid life many males begin to question anything they’ve ever done. Career, relationships, where they’re goin, etc. But his state is far more serious than that.

He is not a happy, optimistic man. I’m sure he doesn’t feel good about himself.

You say never around? Do you mean phyicially? Does he say where he is at?

I’d say any 2 things on your list would need fixing, and he has about 15 things. You have to take a long look at what you wanna do next. My guess is he doesn’t want hear anything about going to get professional help, and that is what he needs.

Good luck and keep us posted.

We are not supposed to be asking for or giving medical advice on this forum. It is against the rules.

That being said, the person in question should have a complete physical examination, and perhaps see a psychiatrist (MD) to determine what if any psychological problems he may have. Always seek competent medical advice in these matters. Don’t go by what amateurs on web sites might tell you.

The scripture warns us concerning the blind leading the blind. Do they not both end by falling into a pit?


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