Male enhancement for singles

An earlier thread dealt with this topic but I didn’t want to resurrect it so I started a new one.

For single men, what is the morality around exercises for penile health? Are these OK if we are not yet married but want to be as healthy as we can for our wives-to-be? Besides health, what if the exercises are for enlargement?

Additionally, what if certain sexual enhancement items, such as constriction rings, are used during these exercises? This would be a single man using this in the context of penile health such as described in this book.

I did a bit of reading and I found that while Catholicism for Dummies condemns “sex toys” generally (see older thread linked to above), constriction rings are noted as morally licit in the context of marriage in this article, which received a Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur in 1997.

I doubt there is a physician in the world who would recommend this for “health.” $0.02 If you are so concerned about your “health” down there, go visit a urologist.

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