Male Homosexual Sex Fuelling Spread of HIV in Asia, Warns World Health Organization

Even those heterosexuals who have more than one partner are at risk. We cannot pretend that this is a homosexual disease only. Monogamous homosexual couples, which do exist, would not be at risk if neither partner was infected, while if a heterosexual person was infected, he could spread it heterosexually just as easily. But this study or survey or whatever overlooks that aspect.

You are right to focus on promiscuity, but I think the nature of the rectum makes anal sex especially hazardous. Granted, anal sex is increasingly popular with heterosexuals (especially teenagers), but gay men are probably the most common practitioners.

But this raises a point. Homosexual sex is not in itself risky. Concerning HIV, oral sex between men seems to be perfectly safe, with or without a condom (barring severe gum disease or other bleeding).

What seems to be fueling the problem in Asia is that homosexuals are oppressed in many of the countries, and this interferes with attempts to treat disease and to promote safer sex.

Some countries in Asia, such as Singapore, Malaysia and those in South Asia still have in place anti-sodomy laws, which are formidable barriers to people getting treatment and help, and they frustrate efforts at disease prevention, experts said.

“A young (gay) man went to a clinic for treatment and was slapped by a doctor and scolded for being a bad person. The doctor refused to treat him and he was thrown out,” said Shivananda Khan of the help group Naz Foundation International.

“It is not uncommon, it happens in Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Myanmar,” Khan told Reuters.

“If (sodomy) is criminalised, it is a problem for doctors. What does the doctor do when someone comes in with an anal problem? He can get into trouble with the law because he is treating someone breaking the law.”

The World Health Organisation (WHO) warned Tuesday that a sharp rise in HIV/AIDS infections was looming among Asia’s homosexual men unless they were given better access to health services.

“The proportion of HIV infections being transmitted among men who have sex with men is larger and more significant than we had originally believed,” said Massimo Ghidinelli, the WHO’s adviser on HIV/AIDS in the Western Pacific, in a statement.

“We need to target HIV prevention strategies, together with better access to health services, for men who have sex with men.”

According to the WHO, Asia has the world’s largest number of “men having sex with men,” estimated at 10 million.

Despite this, a report released by the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) found that targeted prevention reached only one percent of the male homosexual and transgender population.

The WHO attributed this low number “to the stigma and discrimination associated with male-to-male sex… and to breaches of human rights, including the right to better health,” Ghidinelli said.

A three day forum to address this crisis was organized by Hong Kong’s Department of Health, the World Health Organization, the UNDP and the Joint UN Programmes on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS). That forum just concluded.

One of the major conclusions is that homosexuality needs to be decriminalized.–7gvX5G-gEhgqEs1ooA

That is interesting and new material, and I will read more about that. It is truly sad that doctors will not treat patients who have diseases who happen to be homosexual. :frowning: To what motive though would you attribute rising STDs in America, also attributed by the Center of Disease Control to rising homosexual sex? :o :confused: :shrug: Almost any doctor in America will treat homosexual patients at risk of losing their license so obviously decriminalization does not seem to stop the increased rate of STD spread. And these Asian laws existed for many years without increased STDs. So how does the problem come about now because of these laws? Please excuse me if the answer is in one of the links that you have provided that I have not begun reading. :o

I think some gay men, especially ones who are in their 20s, have become complacent about disease, now that HIV is no longer a death sentence. Its a foolish attitude, and I am not sure what percentage of gay men are promiscuous, but I think promiscuity among those gay men is the reason for the increase.

Its a reasonable question. But in order to become infected you need to be in contact with an infected person. When the prevalence of the virus is low, chances are you won’t bet infected. So the rate of new infections stays low. But as more people become infected, the chance of getting infected increases so the rate of infection increases.

I remember back around 1984 seeing a Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report which showed that 25% of new HIV infections were among African-Americans. However, now African-Americans represent 49% of new HIV infections - the virus pool has increased in the black community to a point that blacks are even more likely to get infected than they were at an earlier point. I think the same process is at work for HIV among gay men in Asia - they have reached a tipping point.

What can be said about this insane act? What’s disturbing is that it is being touted as tolerable, even laudable.

It leads to sickness and death of the body and, according to the Chuch, deadening/death(?) of the soul. You’d have to be a zombie in thrall to your desires to do something so inherently dirty and fruitless, so I believe that.

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