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Hello all,

When I was in my early twenties (now 38), a gay friend who was a photographer asked me to model for him as he was building a portfolio for a photography course. I agreed to pose for him with no reservations. There was nothing about the photo shoot that was sexual or explicit in nature. I felt no felling of being ashamed or that I was doing something wrong.

Should I have been ashamed?
Did I do something wrong?
Does this mean that I am secretly gay?
Am I going to hell for this?

Or am I over thinking this whole thing and it was no big deal…

I would appreciate any constructive guidance.


By what you say I presume your not Catholic, but if not, why don’t you go and talk to your Pastor of what ever denomination your in, to put your mind at rest and discuss it with him.

God Bless


Nudity is not inherently sinful. Nor is art inherently sinful. Combining the two does not not automatically create a sinful scenario. Only other factors, beyond what you describe here, could have created a sinful scenario.


Nivial - unless you’re not telling us something, you did no wrong - or if you did it was long ago and easily enough forgiven if confessed. Instead of beating yourself up about a long past action, learn from the past, and work to sanctify your actions here and now.

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