Male priests marry in Anglican church's first gay 'wedding'

**An Anglican church has held a homosexual “wedding” for the first time in a move that will deepen the rift between liberals and traditionalists, *The Sunday Telegraph *can disclose. **

						 Two male priests exchanged vows and rings in a ceremony that was conducted    using one of the church's most traditional wedding rites – a decision seen    as blasphemous by conservatives.  

The ceremony broke Church of England guidelines and was carried out last month in defiance of the Bishop of London, in whose diocese it took place. News of the “wedding” emerged days before a crucial summit of the Anglican Church’s conservative bishops and archbishops, who are threatening to split the worldwide Church over the issue of homosexual clergy.
Although some liberal clergy have carried out “blessing ceremonies” for homosexual couples in the past, this is the first time a vicar has performed a “wedding ceremony”, using a traditional marriage liturgy, with readings, hymns and a *Eucharist.’s-first-gay-'wedding’.html

Wow…That’s like…two moral birds with one satanic stone…

Yeesh! I swear, sometimes the news articles they have on this site is more worrisome than all the bad, depressing, and poorly reported stuff on the television!

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