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Do you think Traditional Catholicism is more appealing to men than the modern variety?


Can you be more specific? Do you mean the 1962 Missal over the form ordinarily used today? Or are there other things you have in mind too?


Yes, without question.


I think that in this fast-paced world it offers a view of Catholicism that has not changed according to the words and standards of today. I say view quite deliberately, because I mean that just as a diamond can seem different from different angles, so the different traditions within Catholicism can seem different, but are ultimately all expressions of the same fundamental Truths.

Specifically, for me the version of ascetic spirituality it promotes can be sufficiently contrasted against the world–whereas many modern expressions of Catholicism seem to be quite similar to worldly things.

Again I’d like to emphasise this is not a criticism of modern things, just a comment on personal preferences. Whilst I want my spiritual life to be ‘of the world’ and in the world, I find a comfort and solace in being able to clearly label spiritual things as such.

Hope that ramble made sense! :smiley:


I meant the struggle for holiness, the courage to proclaim the truth. The sacrifice to follow in the footsteps of Christ. The adventure of the Saints.
Isn’t it more emphasized in traditional spirituality than in modern Catholic pastorally sensitive ways?


I think that it goes to how one is called, and I have no knock against either. And of course part of the problem is that the question is loaded to begin with, as it goes to how one defines “holy”. One might find holy in the “as you treated the least of my brothers” while another might find holy in the purely contemplative. For the bulk of us it is some combination of contemplation and action, combined with appropriate piety (another loaded term).

I don’t think anyone would question the holiness of John of the Cross or Teresa of Avila or Thomas Aquainas. But neither would one question the holiness of Francis of Assisi or Mother Teresa, who lived their holiness and proclaimed the gospel through service.

Making external judgments about these kinds of things, when none of us can judge anyone else’s true devotion, is a dangerous game to play. And asking people to speculate on whether one expression of Catholicism is “better” than another is to indulge people’s pride in thinking their expression to be superior.

I don’t think either “type” is more “appealing”, in whatever sense you mean that, to either men or women. We may have preferences as to expression of our devotion, but each of us has to respond to God as we are best called.



There are plenty of current Men’s groups and conferences that emphasize things like: Christ as our King, Being a warrior, strength in virtue, frequent Mass and confession, praying the rosary…all while having modern contemporary christian music. So, what defines “traditional” men’s spirituality from “modern” spirituality???


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