Male stripper in a nursing home!


Sniff. Sometimes, you don’t need a PhD to tell whether something is wholesome or plain tasteless. I would definitely sue this nursing home for allowing this. If this was your mother or grandmother - in other words, what where they (the administrators) thinking!!!
WARNING: Photo may be graphic.


I dare not look. The mere idea will be giving me enough nightmares for the next few weeks.


The details of the story lead me to believe that it is the son’s idea to Sue, not his mother. The picture clearly shows her putting money in the young man’s underwear. I suppose one could argue she was pressured into doing so, but why then did she keep the photo in her drawer all this time? At the risk of sounding presumptuous, I’m inclined to believe mother has money and son doesn’t like her spending it on strippers :o


The mother of the son who is suing has partial dementia, so I don’t think she was completely aware of what she was doing, and the photo that was put in her drawer could have been placed there by staff.


I tend to agree.


Wow. That is incredibly disgusting! What on earth is wrong with our society??? :eek::(:mad:


:rolleyes: And some people say there are no government sponsored retraining jobs to be had. :whistle:

:eek: - … but if a staffer did it for FREE … would that be “elder abuse” and cause for dismissal?

I’ve worked in Nursing Homes, and have seen strippers. Most of them are the residents themselves … often not in their right minds.

To report such things I developed a way to alert the staff surreptitiously.

“Happy New Year @ 11 O’Clock!” Top off! (Or: Raiments descending).

Hiring a male stripper though … really? What could that mean?

Was it really for the staff? Did they want the residents to complain about something other than the food and the (usual) activities (like Bingo and balloon volleyball)?

Did the “overpopulation” crowd decide to thin the herd with a little shock therapy?

Was this a way to encourage people to get their scheduled eye checks?

In lockdown homes a stripper had better be careful to keep some ID on him … lest he be mistaken for one of the patients “acting out”. And be dressed by others in a jacket with LOOOONG sleeves and a few belts.


Just saw the picture. Reminded me of the Olympic Teams’ Speedos. The older lady in the background gives the perfect nonverbal IMO.

Hope the other old ladies don’t now try to blackmail “Mom” on Facebook or shun her at the knitting circle.

It’s just too silly for me to get mad over. My first thought is how he ever gets his briefs that white. Must be a new pair.

The putting a dollar in the briefs thing is beyond icky. And if it’s $20 … I fear homeless men will soon abandon their windshield sqeegees and back more wheelchair grannies into the corner. :doh2:


My wife volunteered at that very nursing home when she was a teenager.



Yeah, I agree. Looks to me like granny was having a good time. Female staff at nursing homes are subject to sexual harassment from male residents all the time, but when the ladies want to have some fun its a lawsuit. :rolleyes:


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