male "tubal"

I have a cradle Catholic “friend” who had a v-------y years ago. This friend came to realize the that this was wrong, confessed it (boy was “he” nervous!!!), and was forgiven.

Trouble is, "he " feels like he robbed the bank and got to keep the the money.

Any advice for “him”?

There have been a couple of threads on this subject- vasectomy reversals in the past. I will seach for them and post them if I have any luck.

Check out the site- one more soul. It is dedicated to reversal stories, doctors, etc… for men and women.

here is a link to one thread. I know there are more. Try using the search tool near the top of the page. Best Wishes :slight_smile:

Sometimes reversals don’t take, and sometimes they’re too expensive and thus out of reach.

There are other penances this fellow can do. He should talk to his priest. Maybe he should serve on the family life committee. Organize, direct, and support a Couple-to-Couple League in his parish, he could lecture and speak about his own story - might convince some others not to go his route. Even following a regular fasting routine might be beneficial - I recommend he check out E5Men on the internet.

God lets us “keep the money” so-to-speak in many different sins, so it’s not like he’s alone. I’m always perturbed by the whimpy penances I’m given in confession.

There’s a lesson in humility when God lets us keep the money - ponder that for a while, since I can’t muster the eloquence to type it out.


The website for One More Soul is They are dedicated to finding NFP-only physicians and doctors who will perform sterilization reversals, often at a lower cost.

Another thing I have heard couples do who have had sterilizations and since repented is use NFP as if they were trying to post-pone a pregnancy. That way they have to make a month sacrifice as a consequence for what they have done. I have heard it also helped repair any damage to the marriage caused by the sterilization.

Your friend should definitely talk to a good, holy priest whom he trusts. They should also remember that God has forgiven them, and they should forgive themselves for what they did.

Hope this helped!

My “friend” thanks you all for the non-judgemental, thoughtful replies you have given.

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