Man admits killing Dutch ex-minister over euthanasia law


THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) — A man accused of killing a former Dutch health minister admitted the slaying at a court hearing Thursday, claiming it was an “order from God” because she was responsible for the Netherlands’ euthanasia law.

The suspect, identified only as Bart van U. because of privacy rules, made the confession during a closed hearing, Rotterdam Court spokesman Pelle Biesmeijer said in a telephone interview.

Former health minister Els Borst, who drafted the nation’s landmark 2002 law legalizing euthanasia, was stabbed to death at her home two years ago.

News of the motive behind her death sent shockwaves through Borst’s former political party, D66.

“My worst fears have been realized,” said current party leader Alexander Pechtold. “The suspect’s motive is shocking and confrontational. Els was killed because of her socially and politically groundbreaking work on euthanasia.”

Prosecution spokeswoman Jeichien de Graaff said Van U.'s statement in court would be taken into account in a psychiatric assessment that aims to help judges decide if he can be held criminally responsible for his actions.

Van U. was arrested last year on suspicion of stabbing his sister to death, De Graaff said. Prosecutors say that during the investigation into that slaying, he gave DNA samples that were found to match traces of DNA found at the scene of Borst’s slaying.

Van U. is charged with murder or, alternatively, manslaughter in both slayings.

This is pretty big news here in Netherlands currently. I expected it to be here already but it wasn’t.

The coverage of this case in English is pretty bad, so I’ll provide more information.
He’s from the hardliner Reformed community. Before he killed the minister, he had met her before. He wanted to have the adresses of two former prime ministers.

He is passionately against euthanasia and abortion.
His sister is pro-choice and pro-euthanasia and they had many disputes. She wanted to get him into a psychriatic hospital, or as the suspect says wanted him to commit suicide, which is also why she wound up dead.


Thank you for participating; it appears this would be a link to the story:


This is a very interesting story and yet, most of us can not comprehend what the situation might be like if we lived over in Netherlands. We can still make our own judgements.

Maybe this is an image of the suspect:


I never thought that in Benelux could be among Christians such radicals.
Holland seemed to me fairly liberal country.
I remember having a cup of coffee, I argued with one Christian lady about the excessive permissiveness, as for me, the East European man, Holland seemed so spiritually neglected. But this woman has taught me an interesting lesson in which I saw that on the contrary the Netherlands Christians (West European Christians) have more compassion for the sinner, than Eastern Europeans.
I mean we judge a person for sin quickly without examining the person, not trying to figure out what circumstances lead man to sin.
I communicated with Christians in the interfaith youth community and with other believers but I never thought that such radicals are among the Christians.
There have been cases with Muslim radicals.
And it is strange that the target was euthanasia, and not other sins which seems to be more common and widespread.
Indeed there is such a radical man or it was found that he was mentally ill?


looks like mental problems


In areas with a deep purple colour you have pretty hardline reformed protestants.

If you hear about people not vaccinating their children, or people against same sex marriage it mainly comes from these places.

It’s strange the Dutch ‘Bible belt’ has formed in areas where protestantism borders the catholic regions, the protestantism became increasingly more devout in those areas.


I think that on the one hand, Islam helps Christians to wake up, and on the other hand, if the Bible calls for the salvation of society then the more Christians give up society the more it runs wild.
In the east ISIS knocks crosses from churches like the Bolsheviks in the last century, and on the west the same work peacefully has been done by secularists.
Maybe it is good when there are preachers in the spirit of John the Baptist among us?
They may seem marvelous Don Quixote’s but sometimes helping the community to look at themselves.
I do not mean constantly changing nervous types of people under the influence of drugs and so on, murder is not a method of course, no way. But the high-profile attempts of believing Christians to help society see themselves from inside, to see the filth of structural sins is vital today, is it not ?


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