Man banned from sex without giving police 24 hours notice goes on hunger strike

The Mirror:

Man banned from sex without giving police 24 hours notice goes on hunger strike

A man who has to give police 24 hours’ notice before he has sex despite being cleared of rape is to go on hunger strike.The single man, in his 40s, admitted to previously having an interest in sado-masochistic sex and used to visit a Fifty Shades Of Grey-style fetish club with an ex-partner.
He has accused North Yorkshire Police of “sour grapes” after his acquittal for rape at a retrial, having spent 14 months on remand.
The man is currently subject to a Sexual Risk Order which the force successfully applied for at a magistrates court.

The order, which police will ask to be made permanent at a hearing in August, includes a condition requiring him to inform police 24 hours before he has sex with a new partner.
In a statement, the man said: "I intend to commence hunger strike in protest over the SRO to which I am subject.
"I protest that even though a jury found me unanimously not guilty, after nearly two years I still find myself being punished for a crime that never happened.

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Sexual Risk Orders

A man banned from being alone with women at work is among dozens of people to have been handed a ‘Sex ASBO’ by police, Mirror Online revealed earlier this year.
At least 31 men and women have found themselves hauled before the courts under controversial new laws brought in last year.
None had been convicted of a criminal offence and some have been found not guilty by a court.
The law allows police forces to ask magistrates for a court order imposing any restriction on personal freedom they deem appropriate, in a similar way to an ASBO.
Figures obtained by MirrorOnline show at least 14 police forces have applied for a Sex ASBO since they were made law in March 2015.
Almost all have been successful.

Devon and Cornwall banned one man from being on Facebook or using any device with internet access unless it could record his browsing history.
He was also banned from all bars and nightclubs in a city centre.
Northamptonshire Police banned a man from undertaking any work in the course of his trade “if he knows there is to be a lone female present.”
And Norfolk Police banned a man from owning a mobile phone unless he gave them the “make, model, IMEI Number and all other telephone numbers used on the device.”

It sounds like we’re getting into Minority Report territory here.

That it does. I did not know the UK could order people not to have sex. Wow!

I’m under a similar ban. I have to notify my wife 24 hours in advance before I have sex.


Nocturnal emissions … could be a problem, unless the dream police are in communication with the executive branch police. Alternatively. the bed itself could detect suspicious vibrations.

This could be the beginning of a new trend: registration of all beds manufactured for profit, and global positioning systems in all such beds. Of course, provided that the GPS system isn’t tampered with, people would remain free to modify their beds, making them into turbo-charged muscle-beds, souped up and sending status signals, like a Back-to-future-car with a flux capacitor in it.

Isn’t 24 hours a bit arbitrary? I suppose that it is much less time than is common for the duration from engagement to be married (prior to the wedding) and consumation after a wedding and during a honeymoon and/or vegan-honey-substitute moon, such as non-tooth-decay sorbitolmoon, and or organic non-GMO steviamoon.

Is stevia a non-sugar, and hence not likely to contribute to the development of diabetes in the eater who actually completes digestion?

What if he gives notice and then changes his mind and doesn’t have sex? Would that be handled the way overdue library books are handled (a relatively small monetary penalty), or is it more dangerous, comparable to signalling a turn at an intersection and then changing your mind and going straight ahead?

What about cancelled weddings? Should governments discourage cancellation via some money penalty to be paid? Or are weddings irrelevant to marriage? Cakes seem to be important from the point of view of the news. So we are back to the topic of sweetener: lactose, and/or lactose-intolerant bigotry, and/or vegan anti-honey bigotry, and/or sorbitol anti-tooth-decay bigotry/ prudishness/ overcaution, and/or stevia grand slam ultra-organic, imperialistic, investor-class, kulak.

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