Man charged in murder of 81-year-old (Vietnam) veteran


Service to his country left Army Sgt. Robert Ybarra with burns and a glass eye, and the 81-year-old never stopped being there for those he thought could use his help . . .

Detroit Police say Ybarra stopped to help Tywaun Tramel Coakley who he thought was in distress inside a car on the side of the road . . .

Coakley is accused of trying to fight Ybarra before running over the 81-year-old war veteran with his car.

Good Samaritan Vietnam War Veteran killed in Detroit at 9:30AM. :sad_yes:


Gosh, it’s a very sad story. Prayers for both Robert Ybarra and Tywaun Tramel Coakley alike.





May God bless Sergeant Coakley and his family and may God forgive and lead to righteousness the man allegedly murdered him… :gopray:


Such things transpire in a culture that lacks respect for human life, much less for elders.


Prayers for this family and the soul of this man. A beautiful soul that will be missed in this world. May he rest in peace. Praying for his murderer and his murders family as well. May justice, mercy, healing, forgiveness and peace come to all involved.


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